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Welcome to Wild Bangarang

Wild Bangarang is Europe's "Nylon" place to be ! Working on designs with our licensed partners such as Blizzard "World of Warcraft", Valiant Comics, Power Rangers, Kokonuzz as well as awesome independent artists. We do leggings, dresses & skirts, as well as tops such as Enforcers, Blitz and Slam-Dunks.

Welcome to Wild Bangarang

Sylvanas (Key Art)

£35.00 GBP

"The Wrath of the Lich King was nothing! Wait until you see the Wrath of the Banshee Queen."

The most awesome Officially licensed World of Warcraft leggings in this realm!

Designed by Zach Fischer 

Fabric: 80% Polyester 20% Elastane - Made in the UK

Use the hashtag #wbsylvanaskey

Officially Licensed by Blizzard

If you are unsure what size you are then drop us a message on the Wild Bangarang Facebook page and we'll help you out

United Kingdom
Signed Shipping £2.25 (up to £50)
Signed Shipping £3.50 (between £50.01-£74.99)
2-3 days with tracking number


Signed Shipping £2.95 (up to £50)
Signed Shipping £3.95 (between £50.01-£74.99)
2-5 days 


International (inc USA & Australia)
Signed Shipping £8.95 (up to £44.95)
Signed Shipping £11.95 (between £44.96-£74.99)
7-14 days
Customers outside of the United Kingdom may be liable for any customs & import duty.

Delivery Process

We only ship on Monday-Friday as we are normally playing on the island with all the other #lostboys & #lostgirls on saturday and sundays. 

You will get a confirmation email when ordering and when it has been sent, so hold tight, remember to breathe and get excited !

If you are ordering from the United States you can check your tracking number on

When you receive your parcel take extra care in opening as we don't want your items looking like they've gone 3 rounds with Wolverine !

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