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Wild Bangarang is nearly two years old (website went live on November 3rd 2014) and we thought you would like to know a few things about us :)  So here we go and in no particular order.


1. The Wild Bangarang name came about due to Adam's love of the film Hook as Robin Williams ran around with the Lost Boys shouting BANGARANG. As well as the Lost Boys in our community we have slowly started to build up our Lost Girls tribe who just love the leggings.


2. We are based in Seaford, UK, which is by the seaside. Many a time when the weather is good we will have Team "meetings" at the Sailing Club by the sea or even a picnic on the beach itself.  It helps with creativity and really clearing the mind of distractions to work out what we are going to do next.


3. Our previous jobs include a Sculptor, Carnival Dancer, Petrol Pump Attendant, Pole Dancer & Paleontologist. 


4. We don't work in an office, we work in the Cave which also has a gym and table tennis.


5. Our leggings are being worn in over 45 different countries.


6. We are all Geeks & Nerds! Some of us like DC Comics, while the others prefer Marvel. We have a My Little Pony lover and Star Wars addict. We are who we are, we love who we are and we love what we do :)


7. We have over 110 products on our website at the moment .


8. Skye is our Cave dog :) actually she is Zsolt's dog but she comes to work pretty much every day.


9. We are trying to get our neighbours (The Drivewise mechanics) to wear Wild Bangarang leggings so we can do a shoot about men in lycra.


10. Every day we have seagulls, pigeons and squirrels tap dancing on our roof.


10a. This is my favourite image I've taken so far > 


There are really way more than 10 things I could list but we will save that for another day. 


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    Thank you so much for bringing your amazing leggings to the UK. Please never stop being awesome!!!!!

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