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The Price of Quality Leggings

Posted on 17 May 2016

When running a small business there comes a day when another takes your work and makes it their own. I always knew when I started Wild Bangarang that at some point our designs would end up on knock off sites and it seems that day has come, does that mean we have made it? A few weeks back one of my friends notified me that they had found our leggings being sold on another website and much cheaper.  As you know there are a lot of Chinese companies who take the works and designs of nylon brands, regurgitates them and sells them for a lower price. Let's face it, who doesn't like a cheaper product ?  We all do! BUT in this case it really does come at a price. At Wild Bangarang we pride ourselves on #licensingtherightway and making sure we offer the best service possible, from designs to quality and customer service.

We have worked hard on our World of Warcraft licence making sure we do everything right and taking our time in doing it, so when we see another company selling these designs it's very disappointing. We sent the relevant messages instructing them that they are selling our licensed designs but also using the images I personally took for the Wild Bangarang website. The only message we got back was asking us to do a deal with them, no thank you.

We decided to order a few pairs just to see what the quality was like because you can't help but feel nervous that they will be good. After a 2 week wait I received them this morning. Would there be a difference between the leggings that we have worked so hard on and those ones that have been produced at a much cheaper price but with no licence? The answer is most definitely.

I feel saddened to know that there are people walking around in these inferior leggings representing a brand we love dearly here. 

When you buy leggings from Wild Bangarang you are also buying into a small business that cares about who you are and what you want. 

We can't stop people buying unlicensed leggings from other websites but hope that you can appreciate how hard we have worked to get to this.

As you can see from the images below, you really do get your money's when buying both of these leggings. So if if you are happy with spending $10 for a redrawn unlicensed piece of art to wear on your legs then they are definitely for you.  ON the other hand if you can appreciate the time and effort it has taken to produce a skilled piece of art on leggings that are licensed the right way then welcome to the club, we salute you.


If you have purchased some unlicensed #warcraftleggings then send them to us with a selfie picture holding the offending items and a time stamp and we will give you 40% OFF a far more superior & LICENSED pair. Why would we want to do this ?  Because we love World of Warcraft & you love Wild Bangarang and we hate the thought of people walking around in something that just isn't up to scratch


You can purchase the Licensed Warcraft Leggings from

Wild Bangarang (UK & Europe) & http://gear.blizzard.com (USA)



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  • Enqila: January 16, 2017

    Actually the copied leggins look really horrible :D I’m happy with my pieces of ur leggins even that the price high for me as student. But still… I save my money for it and now I save for quality piece of nerdy dress :) So who has the copied one… has really bad piece of “art” on his legs.

  • Mara: May 18, 2016

    Would only buy Wildbangarang!

    Ya’ll got any of dat Overwatch in the works?


  • Evette: May 17, 2016

    The only reason I haven’t purchased these is cost. That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve every cent of what you’re asking for in the cost, it’s just that I cannot personally afford it. There’s nothing wrong with either side of that. However, I would much rather save my money to afford the authentic pair than the knock off. The detail and work put into them is truly amazing and the leggings are beautiful. This is a huge eye opener in seeing who is doing this because they love it and who’s doing it just for the profit. I hope your company continues to grow, regardless of the people trying to take away from it. Much respect to you. Take care.

  • Mandie: May 17, 2016

    Personally havent bought from you since the first proper wave of Kissed By Ivy (oh back in the day!) I have to admit, it saddens me to see your hard work so badly copied. They say that imitation is the sinceriest form of flattery but those knock offs, are not by any stretch of nylon fabric, flattering. :/

  • Cymre: May 17, 2016

    Oh wow, you can really see the difference. Then again, I wasn’t expecting to see such cheap knock-offs.

    I have to say, offering people a discount to essentially upgrade their inferior item is a fantastic thing to do though.

  • Louisa: May 17, 2016

    I’ll be honest initially the price of the leggings did make me pause before I made my first order but with you guys you get what you pay for. High quality, well made, great designed and well fitting (which for a tall girl in leggings is kinda important). Combined with your outstanding customer service it’s why I am now the proud owner of 4 pairs of your leggings with plans to own more. Well worth the extra money

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