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New Girl

New Girl

Hi everyone, my name is Gill - you may have had a chat with me via messaging or on one of our status updates on the FB page? I have been lurking and loitering in the background for a while now :) 

I have been in love with Wild Bangarang since the soft release where I was lucky enough to become initiated into the world of printed nylon. Like many of you, once you buy one item, you just can't stop can you? My collection is quite impressive although I still have a number missing from my collection. You could say I am a massive WB fangirl, because I genuinely am! 

But I digress, the reason for this blog post is that the good news is, and please don't hate me - I am now officially part of the team! This is a dream come true for me - I have loved working with the team over the last few months! It doesn't feel real yet, so please be gentle with me! I am a customer, and a massive fan of the brand so I can and do offer advice through experience. If you ever have any questions or queries relating to the products never hesitate to drop me a message! 

So a little bio I guess? If you are interested - I am a geek, have been all my life, I blame my mother for bringing me up watching films like Star Wars, Dark Crystal, Short Circuit. These days, I can be found gaming (obviously WoW for one) but I love makeup, wigs,  as well as constructing costumes (although honestly, my to-do pile is bigger than my completed!). Way to my heart, talk Horde, cupcakes, or zombies! 

So going forward, I will be monitoring chat lines, coordinating social media and events! It is going to be a lot of fun! I am your 'Community Manager' - so please don't hesitate to contact me :) 

Let the fun begin !



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