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When Adam told me he was thinking of doing a My Little Pony collection, I was instantly transported back to my childhood. Life was much simpler when the likes of My Little Pony, Care Bears and Rainbow Brite ruled the airwaves. My only concerns were choosing which Polly Pocket I liked best, and avoiding stepping on lego blocks. Dang, those things hurt! You never ever forget the pain that is stepping on lego. 

Does anyone else remember the opening theme? You never ever forget the glorious moment that is the theme song to your favourite show.


It's been replaying in my head non-stop! 

Back in the days, all I ever wanted was to collect EVERY. SINGLE. PONY. What child didn't want to?! I was enchanted by these happy-go-lucky ponies. They were colourful, they were magical. Some had horns and some had wings. They were with me for a good part of the 80's and early 90's. 

I love that My Little Pony has been refreshed for a new generation to love and cherish. One day they'll reminisce over their Friendship is Magic counterparts, just like how I'm reminiscing now. But you can never EVER beat the original. 

The originals may not appear on our screens anymore, but let them star on YOU! We have taken some of our favourites - Glory, Gusty, Lickety Split, Powder, Rose, Snuzzle, Starshine and Sundance - and with a tap of a pony hoof and a flutter of a wing, have created a magical My Little Pony collection just for you! 

My Little Pony collection in association with Urban Species will hit the Wild Bangarang stables on 12th January 2015. Gallop, don't walk!!




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