What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas .... or does it ?!

As most of you are aware David and I hit the road and travelled to Vegas this week to attend the Licensing Expo at the Mandalay Bay Convention Centre. Ahead of time we had already scheduled in some meetings with some of the brands we were interested in talking, plus one of the main reasons of attending was to meet up and lunch with the crew at Blizzard.  

Things got off to a shaky start after landing, with David getting the almighty migraine from hell which knocked him sideways until the next morning.  So whilst he relaxed in a bath (for 5 hours!) I took a walk up the strip to go check in and grab our badges. Not much happened after that so it was an early night (rock n roll I know!) ready for the day ahead.

Tuesday was a full on day with some good meetings and a real eye opener about licensing and people you deal with.  However that was overshadowed by the freaking Batmobile on show (video)  ! Yes I got a little excited about seeing this badboy (plus the costumes of Superman, Batman & Wonderwoman)

David and I had gone in with a game plan for which licenses we wanted but by the end of Tuesday that had changed! It was apparent which brands were more about working with you than just taking a royalty and rubbing their hands.

A highlight of Tuesday was meeting Russ from Valiant Comics at the cocktail party, who gave his time for a chat etc ahead of our meeting on Thursday. Russ and I have been in contact for some months and it was great to meet him and look forward to what we could achieve together. They have some great characters to work with and both David and I are pretty excited about what we can do.

The Opening Night Party was next with Fifth Harmony putting on a show.  We stayed for a while but we were both pretty whacked (plus it was on sand yuck!) so we headed back to the hotel with some snacks.

Wednesday !  Early morning breakfast meeting with the boys at Saban and to chat about Power Rangers followed by a swift signing of an NDA and seeing the movie concept art. David will tell you, I was a little excited about this ! Next was lunch with World of Warcraft (one of the main reasons we went to Vegas).  This was a relaxed affair and was a great way to get to know each other and what we were looking at doing. With one other meeting that day we headed back to the hotel to crunch numbers, forecast, plan ahead etc for the next 5hours.  By this time I was drained ! So it was time to go get snacks and a movie (again rock n roll lol)

Thursday was the most chilled day as we felt we had pretty much sorted what we were aiming to do over the next 6 months. A quick shoot with Fawnia & Sophia with some of the Wild Bangarang & Wild Storm Fitness gear and we were as good as done.

In and out of Vegas in 5 days, sorted what licenses we wanted, made lots of new contacts, planned our next 6 months and didn't even get sunburnt ! BOOM :) 

The Licensing Expo was great. Will we return next year ? Maybe. All depends on where we are at this point and how big we have grown.

All I can say is watch this space as the Wild Bangarang train is about to hit full speed !

ps was totally cool seeing Annie & Hollie in Vegas ! Trippy :)

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