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First of all WOAH ! Last week was a complete mind blowing experience and the most hectic in Wild Bangarang history ! Thank you to everyone who purchased and also to those who shared posts and commented across all the social media streams.  We honestly didn't imagine how big this was going to be ! 

Now we've had time to breathe (just a quick one) things are in motion.  David went over to our manufacturer today to make sure everything is in place and ready to rumble. We have added two more sizes to the process on this range (1XL & 2XL) and we've had to make sure they are done right.

We will start sending out orders at the end this week and at the beginning of next week.  Due to the sheer volume it will be a little slower than initially thought however not far off what we said. We will keep you updated as to what stage we are at.

We are already in the process of the next 5 designs which we are sure you will love ! cough! Arthas ;)

For The Alliance !



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