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I’m in love with leggings. They’re flexible, easy to dress up and so comfy! Why should I wear boring pants when I can wear leggings for every occasion? I now recognise my favourites leggings are printed. I love wearing designs like armour, beautiful flowers, mermaid scales… but sometimes I struggle to know how to wear these for daily fashion. I see every day so many beautiful prints but I don’t buy them because they’re hard to wear without knowing how to dress them up. Some designs you can wear easily, but others are really hard because the print is from a fantasy character or looks like true armour, so it doesn’t look like a print you can wear at work or just for a day out.

But nothing is impossible. I’m going to give you 7 tips to wear these printed leggings and look stylish every day:

    1. The most important thing is simplicity. Many times we go crazy not knowing what to wear with these awesome leggings, but most of the time you can wear them with a plain t-shirt and some sneakers.

      1. Add a jacket and knee boots if you’re going to wear them in winter.

      1. Also, you can wear them under a plain dress and heels.

      1. And for a summer night look you can wear them with a shiny top.

      1. If you love alternative styling, you can also wear them with original boots and a plain black cardigan and black choker.

      1. Also, a simple blouse, dropped earrings and a diadem you can make your look more fashionable.

      1. Or you can use a plain overbust corset for a night out or a romantic dinner with your partner.

    Now you have no excuse to wear your favourite printed leggings every day! Which of these outfit ideas was your favourite? Do you have another tip to wear them? Tell us in the comments!



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    • Posted on by james Thomes

      Thanks for sharing this tips about wear printed leggings.

    • Posted on by Kate

      Ballet flats and a solid color tunic top. Done.

      In winter swap ballet flats for booties or biker-style boots, and add a flyaway cardigan. Or swap the top out for a long slouchy sweater.

      Ez pz… that’s why I love them so much! XD

    • Posted on by Scott Walsh

      An article like this for men would be helpful

    • Posted on by Emma

      Hi, All styles are great, but my favorites are numbers 7 and 2.

    • Posted on by DrSophasaur

      Biker boots, long plain vest, light weight black Cardi and multilayered necklaces / chokers are my average look with every single pair I wear :3 great Article!

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