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So.. I spend a reasonable amount of my spare time on I.G. It is a fantastic photo sharing app which allows you to glimpse into people's lives, see the world out of their eyes... yes yes, I love to stalk people. Now my love for Nylon led me to a chap who frankly, owns wearing leggings. I am all for everybody wearing leggings, and so he has kindly done a little Q&A for us :)

First things first, who are you ? @Plissken82 

Age: 33
Origin: Manchester

What are your hobbies/ interests:
Console/ PC gaming, Guitars(collecting), Music(writing and playing), movies, astronomy, reading and writing short stories. and long walks mainly forests places like that...

How did you first find leggings?

First started when I saw Bioware creators of Mass Effect and Dragon Age advertising Blackmilk Clothing's N7 Mass Effect leggings...

Knowing they were being worn by a woman I still loved them and had to find out more about them... When I did I found out they were from Australia and not cheap at all!

I found Ali xpress a website that sold knock offs of the same leggings so I bought them along with another pair of Comic Book Mass Effect leggings. Already a fan of skinny jeans and music styles of 80's Glam Rock and Metal I'd seen grown men wearing this kind of thing a million times in music videos, etc, etc and thought why not!

So even though the quality was awful of the Ali Express leggings I wanted better made. Halloween was on the way and Blackmilk had advertised these awesome Mecha design leggings and I decided I had to own them! From there I found livingdead Clothing for their Chibi Zelda leggings... When I found Wild Bangarang I had been recommended them by a fellow Instagram follower that I should try them... Loved the colours and designs so it was a no brainer really! I think my fav pairs are Zombie Killer, Star Wars Rebel Alliance and my amazing Galaxy leggings...

I wear them all the time whenever I want... I feel most comfortable in these, sure, it isn't the norm, but what is these days and I for one certainly will never conform to guide lines or ideals of what a man should wear. I am happy and that is what matters most. Sure I have had looks, comments some not great, but most have been really nice and positive which regardless of comments I'd still be wearing them because I am whoever I want to be.

Friends I've told don't care and are not fussed with me wearing them ha! Don't think i've converted anyone but you never know with the powers of Instagram... Never thought a man posting pics of his legs wearing leggings would end up having 250 followers!  To me that's a lot ha

What do you look for design wise, in leggings? I guess what I look for is my interests really gaming ha and cool designs and general nerd stuff :-)

What advice would you give to someone thinking about trying leggings? Advice, I would say be opened minded, don't take yourself too seriously and most of all have fun with what you wear... I certainly wouldn't change a thing about my style of clothes, everyone is individual and that is the best way this life should be!


Love Gill x


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