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The sun is out !  Like seriously the sun is out :) In the UK we kinda go a bit fizzy when the sun comes out because the Weather stations always say chances of sun blah blah and we never believe them! However it looks as though the whole of this week could be glorious :) so its time to put the shorts on and break out the Mojitos.

It's a busy time here at the Cave as we have a few balls in the air and waiting for some to land (nicely!). We are waiting on a restock for the website which I know a lot of you are messaging about (I'm nagging my UK manufacturer daily so expect to some very soon!!), we are looking at putting in a small scale production ourselves here at the cave, we have bespoke orders to do for local companies and huge recognised brands and we are all in the get fit mood!

Myself and Lyra are on an 8 week regime with the assistance of Liz (our fitness blogs will be weekly) with my first ride last night along Seaford seafront.


So make sure to keep tabs on us with lots of encouragement and follow the Fitness Page :)

The Bangarang Boxes have been going well, something we will continue to build on with some exciting designs coming up.  Next month (July) will be "The Last Dragon" Box ;)

We finally have some Eric Tees available (also Zombie & LoveStruck versions) so make sure to check them out >> https://www.wildbangarang.com/collections/t-shirts

So there we have it, a micro roundup at what's going on at the moment !  Thank you all so much for your continued support and don't forget to message us with any questions.

Now go enjoy the sun !





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