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With a holiday on the cards, how did Adam and Lyra do this week?

Adam's challenge this week was to complete:

Three planks, one minute 30 seconds each.
Two gym sessions, 45 minutes each.
Two cycling sessions, over an hour.

Adam completed:

Three bike sessions at 60 minutes each.


Adam started the week at:


and he ended his week at:



Lyra's challenge this week was to complete:

Three trampoline sessions, 200 jumps each.
One swimming session, half an hour.
One skating session, over an hour.
2 bike riding sessions, over an hour each.

Lyra completed:

Over 500 bounces on the trampoline.
One swimming session, an hour.
One dance session, half an hour.
One gymnastics session, half an hour.

Lyra started the week at:


and she ended her week at:



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