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Adam and Lyra are hitting their seventh week with their healthy eating and exercise programme. This week they've been on holiday...so yummy foods...BUT how did they maintain their keep-fit attempts?

Adam's challenge this week was to complete:

Three planks, one minute 30 seconds each.
Two gym sessions, 45 minutes each.
Two cycling sessions, over an hour.

Adam completed:

2 archery sessions, an hour.
Daily bike rides of 125.9km, 6 hours 10 minutes.
1 bowling session.
1 swimming session.

Adam started the week at:


and he ended his week at:



Lyra's challenge this week was to complete:

Three trampoline sessions, 200 jumps each.
One swimming session, half an hour.
One skating session, over an hour.
2 bike riding sessions, over an hour each.

Lyra completed:

Badminton session, 1 hour.
Four cycling sessions, an hour each.
Six swimming sessions, an hour each.
Bowling, one session.
Indoor climbing, an hour.
The Drop, an hour.
Aqua jetting, an hour.
Archery and rope climbing, an hour.

Lyra started the week at:


and she ended her week at:


It's Adam and Lyra's last week next week - how are they going to have benefited from their 8 week fitness plan? We will catch up with them then and ask them how they've felt!


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