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Adam and Lyra are on a fitness programme for 8 weeks, and we're blogging their results!

Adam and Lyra hit the scales for their pre-fitness programme weigh-in

Adam's challenge this week was to complete:

Three planks, one minute each.
Two gym sessions, half an hour each.
One cycling session, over an hour.

Adam completed:

Two planks, one minute each.
One gym session, half an hour.
100 bounces on the trampoline.
9.6km and 10.5k cycling sessions, 1 hour 9 minutes.

Adam started the week at:


and he ended his week at:


Lyra's challenge this week was to complete:

Three trampoline sessions, 100 jumps each.
One swimming session, half an hour.
One skating session, over an hour.
One cycling session, over an hour.

Lyra completed:

Three trampoline sessions, 460 jumps in total.
One swimming session, half an hour.
Two cycling sessions, 2.8km each.

Lyra started the week at:


and she ended her week at:


After the first week, we can already see a difference!


Both Adam and Lyra have changed their eating patterns, and part of the fitness challenge was to both add and eliminate certain foods from their diets.

We asked them to eliminate:

Sugary drinks

and instead add in:



Lyra promised she'd write us a little blog about her fitness journey - here's her first entry!

"I tried really hard this week, especially in my swimming class. I completed my trampolining, swimming, biking, ballet (tap and modern), and I played badminton with Gran and Grandad. 

I am trying to cut down what I'm eating, I'm finding it a little harder as it's my birthday soon! I ate Maoam, 1/2 a Curly Wurly, Cornetto, and rose lemonade which were my bad foods. But I did add sugarsnap peas, fruit salad, tomatoes and salad in my meals this week and I feel lighter!

This little change so far has made me feel more energetic, I feel I can achieve more, I feel happier and I'm going to keep going!"


Keep watching for Adam and Lyra's next weigh-in!


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