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Our financial director David is starting a 12 week fitness plan; have a read of his background and the first week of his plan here!

The Background

Having run for TeamGB at Blood Guts & Gory in the inaugural OCR World Championships in October 2014 I was fitter than I have been for a long time but overtraining leading up to Christmas left me with two ripped calf muscles and here I was in mid 2017 having gained a lot of weight and still not able to run.

The background goes further back to 2003 when at INSEAD and doing a chronological vs biological test as part of the International Executive Program to discover my biological age was 47, sadly I was only 34, clearly I wasn't looking after myself very well. With the help of the McGannon's (who ran the course at INSEAD and have written several books), and over the next few years the road to triathlons and fitness began, reversing my biological age. 

By early 2014 I was in good shape and happened across a Facebook advert for a new start-up business called ManAlive, an local outdoor 'bootcamp' style of group training but focussed on body and nutrition along with a degree of mind.  I had been doing INSANITY from Beachbody back to back for a while and was going stale. I joined the initial sessions and settled right in helping to set-up and establish the business along the way. I ran the world championships in the Man Alive colours and came 28th in my age group after a nasty fall off the Weaver.

With overtraining and a change in dynamics at ManAlive 2014 ended with me injured and despondent. Although I was incredibly strong I have always struggled with my weight, holding firmly in the Obese category for BMI since childhood. I tend not to pay too much attention to it but it still sits there.

2017 and one of my nephews, Jack, and his best bud Sam had teamed up with Neil Back (ex GB Rugby) to set up Back2Fitness. B2F is a conditioning programme with a specific dietry and training schedule.  use to wrk commitments it has taken a few months to get me to the start line as the boys don't live local to me, so I am running this remotely.

The Start of the Fitness Plan - WEEK 1

Day1 - 3rd Jul 2017. 

I head to Leicester for the before pictures and induction. The before shots aren't flattering. I top in at 103.5kg or 16st 4lb (old school). We went through the programme schedule and the dietry intake.  It helps that the boys have produced a great carry book with this all i that Sam insists I wreck to show its being used.
I order the Prep Perfect food delivery which is a weekly delivery of all the food I need (excluding breakfast) for the week, iv'e got to make this as simple as possible to make it work. I have what could be described as a busy lifestyle...

So the first session with the boys. It's S1 - which translates to BRUTAL LEG DAY. Jack video'd me at the end and it was close but I didn't chuck, but it was close.  

Day 2 - 4th July

6AM - woke up wit DOMS, I was expecting that. Drank my 500ml water, took the vitals and then misread the calendar and thought I had to go for a run. If I was doing this I was doing this... so I went for a run, too funny, WRECKED, 44 mins at 13 minute miles.. I would characterise this as. Stumbling jog tbh.
The meals from Prep arrived today and they are amazing, so far the burger is my favourite.
9PM: S2 and its weights upper body. We have signed up at our local David Lloyd as the outdoor pol is amazing for the Summer. They also have a great gym with all the kit I need.

Day 3 - 5th July

REST DAY and I needed it, legs STILL very sore.
Food still on point and making sure I am drinking a lot of water to help the body cope with the shift. It looks like the body has begun to adjust the regime and resting HR has returned, it is STILL elevated (baseline is late 40's early 50's) but that is to be expected but long periods of elevation imply I'm to not helping myself.

Day 4 - 6th July

Food disaster as took my meals to the office but then spent the day offsite at another location, but I was good and didn't eat anything off menu. Jack is keen to flag that not eating the required intake for the programme is an issue so will be vigilant from now on.
6PM: S3 and C2 upper body and cardio. Great that David Lloyd have a kids programme in the Gym and the little guy came with me and did his gym induction while I trundled through the programme. Hilariously I damaged my right arm a few weeks back Welly Wanging (yes throwing a wellington boot) so I have to be careful but still ran a heavy session. 

Day 5 - 7th July

Although this was a training day Sam was ok with me switching this to a REST day to give my legs more recovery time and pick up the 4th session of the week on Saturday. 

Food was spot on and still like the the burgers the best although the chicken/ broccoli dish is a close second. A lot of the dishes use sweet potato which I love so easy. The prep prepared stuff makes a massive difference and not buying lunch in London every day it works out better financially too.

Day 6 - 8th July

10AM: S4 and C3 today. Great the little guy can one with me to the gym and while I push myself through the programmes he does his. I am focussing on the Low Intensity cardio format for the time being rather than the HIT versions, it seems to suit.  The great thing is that Jack and Sam are on hand for questions and the base format is adaptable. We spent the rest of the day poolside and messing around so a great day. 
Food was again on point along with hydration.

Day 7 - 9th July

So here I am at the end of the first week.  Total of 2.8kg lighter, no longer suffering with DOMS (which helps as its leg day tomorrow). Resting heart rate is elevated but in a good way (not too high).  Week 2 food is being delivered this morning, I can't wait.

The next few weeks will be brutal with the various businesses as there is a lot going on but the plan is with prepared food ready to go, my executive water bottle from Memo and to.p and tailing the workouts I will are this happen.


Follow David's blog next week to see how his second week on the B2F fitness plan is going! Fancy some more knowledge about the plan? Email Liz at liz@wildbangarang.com or check out The Back To Fitness website HERE, and follow the programme under @Back2FitnessSYPC, @sypc_fitness on Instagram and @B2F_SYPC on Twitter.



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