Back To Fitness - David Hits Week 2 of his 12-week Fitness Plan


Check out David's Second Week as he takes on his 12-week fitness plan!

So week 2 here we are.

Entering the week at 100.1kg is daunting and exciting at the same time, will the gains be similar this week or will things settle? Obviously I aim not to repeat the schoolboy error of last week and put an extra 1 hour run the day after legs day...

Monday is a challenge in term time as duties keep me running until round 9.30pm so I know its going to be a late one. I had planned on getting up early, which I prefer, to get the cardio in but Sunday night went very badly waking at 2am with a nasty migraine, so no chance to do much other than tablets, hot/cold bath shower and recover enough to be 'operational' for the day. Success and a normal day ensues. Training evening then and its legs and cardio in. Combined session. BRUTAL. An upside of turning up at 9.45pm is the gym is a lot quieter and I was able to move around and find stuff I needed. A great legs session followed by 45 mins of light cross training to finish. Home and tucked up by 12.30 and only a hint of headache remaining.

100.1kg. So no change, mildly upset but weighed against 5 hours sleep and elevated resting heart rate I'll take that. Schoolboy error for this week was leaving the house without eating breakfast and forgetting to take my super premier meals with me. NUMPTY.
So it's a couple of Protein breakfast bars and an ITSU Salmon/Rice lunch. Not the best but not a fail, there were even edamame in the dish. By home time I was very ready for the burger prep meal, it didn't disappoint.
Off to training and its upper body tonight. I have a the ALT exercise as I cant do pull ups yet as the right arm is still pretty sore so the boys stepped in with the alternative. No cardio tonight, I felt I could have put one in but am sticking to the plan. Arms sore as I leave he gym, but could I have upped the weights a little, I may do next time. Right arm is a problem after breaking it welly wanging a month ago (yes throwing a wellington boot.. that not a typo) Setting myself up for a good nights rest and ready for the day ahead, technically a rest day but I think I may sneak a cardio or pool session in, lets see if I can double to number of hours of sleep for the week.

Weight 100.1kg Oh no I'm a failure. Get real. The important thing is focus.
Sadly diet today was a shocker as took my meals to the office then spent the entire day out of the office. Result no food all day. Now old skool me thinks less in, faster diet. Having been educated by the Nephew I now understand that just flags starvation to the body and it now stores everything it's given... BAD.
Today is a rest day which given the pressure at the moment is a good thing, no chance for that relaxing swim though as finished too late.
Hydration was not good today, definitely need to drink more.

Appalling nights sleep, I even got up and starting reading my 'it will put me to sleep soon' book. I blame everything...weight up to 100.6kg. Drama in the bathroom...
Very tired today and although it's scheduled to be a training day I have some leeway in the scheduling and will push it back. Still not drinking enough water, and still struggling to eat all the food, do humans really need this many green beans in their diet? 😜

Scheduled rest day and I'm taking it. Puts the pressure on the weekend to get the schedule done or I will miss.
Weight up to 100.8kg which I'm not overly chuffed about but given the week (I don't talk about work here) it's been 'busy' so I'm ok. Sleep last night wasn't brilliant and Hydration still poor.
Some things in life we can control, what we eat, when we drink. Others not so much, but focusing on the things out of our control isn't going to make for an easy or pleasant life, reminding myself of that constantly.

Weight 100.8kg. Stable. A better nights sleep. I used to track the sleep in detail but I found paying too much attention to my appalling sleep patterns exacerbated the situation. I now focus to have lights out by 11pm at the latest and not to get up until after 5am, not perfect but markers to monitor. I think with any regime it is better to set boundaries and achieve than add stress failing to reach targets. That's my positive outlook for today 🙂 Hydration improved a bit today and did my LISS exercise with the little guy as we headed to his new school to check the bike timings. All good. I went on the 25yrold Jalopy Schwinn Cruiser which put that extra pressure on me as little guy was in his trick Obrea Mountain bike and he went for it 🙂 apparently tomorrow we are doing the same but this time he wants to sprint it flat out on his RAPIDE racer...
Now I did FAIL today as did not do the S3 Weights session (upper body) which leaves me with a challenge tomorrow, attempt to sandwich the day with s3 morning and s4 evening or push one of those to next week...
Hhmmm decisions.

100.8kg. So still stable. Started the day with what was meant to be a LISS session cycling with the eldest to his new school. He decided to 'push' it on his Road bike taking 6 minutes off his previous best of 17mins, max HR on me was 178, definitely not a LISS then. Shaved 30seconds off that on the return, so that's 11.20seconds. Awesome stuff, all in just shy of 30 mins exercise all above 70MHR and 5 peaks at 104.7MHR (using 220-age guide) oopsy... note to self get fitter.
Hydrating better today.
Spent the day doing heavy gardening, good exercise all round.
Upper body tough regime this evening, finished with a pyramid press-up, which considering my arms were shaking before I started was never going to be easy. all good.
Final weight for the week 100.5kg.
A great finish to the week.

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