BANGARANG BATTLES: What We're Up Against As A Licensed Company

BANGARANG BATTLES: What We're Up Against As A Licensed Company

Everybody loves a good licensed product - but we've all done it; we've all seen the price and instantly blanched.

So why the steep price? Let's take Wild Bangarang leggings. To the outsider, a pair of leggings can be found on Amazon for under £5.00 - so why is the price 7 times dearer through a retailer like us? 

Before I had even heard of Wild Bangarang, I wasn't really a leggings lover, for three main reasons. I'd experienced bagging in the knees and butt areas, I'd experienced poor seams and transparency issues, and I'd experienced such a variety in sizing over different stores. To me, leggings weren't always my friend and I couldn't rely on a pair to get me through a workout session or a day at work. 

My first pair of leggings from Wild Bangarang were the Black Dragon Skin pair. To say I was impressed is an understatement, but even in the back of my mind I was determined to ruin them with my daily grind as a mum of two toddlers. This was inevitable with the amount of playdoh, paint, playground and sharp plastic toys being charged up my legs that I incurred on a regular basis. 

So the leggings endured legging-hell over and over. Rolling down a grassy hill, an impulse swim in the sea, a pole fitness class - in fact I chucked these in a 50 degree wash and tumble dried them by mistake but there they were. Not a fade, not a pull, no transparency, no bagging.

So I went back. Again, and again. My jeans became leggings, my wardrobe became leggings. In fact, I was overcome with 30-something pairs in my first six months of finding this magical store. The fact that the team at Wild Bangarang were probably the nicest, most hard-working and down-to-earth humans you could find was just the cherry on top of this little discovery. 

So already, I've covered the quality of the leggings. This can mould your impression of all leggings (which I know is totally wrong, but hey, we're human). One dodgy pair can put you off all lycra goodness for life - but one pair can change your impression on fitnesswear for good. Finding the right leggings store is like locating that awesome hairdresser who you want to keep by your side - forever. But quality doesn't come cheap, not for the stores who are buying into ensuring your legs are covered with the best lycra mix on the market. This would surprise you to know that just the base cost of material to a company could be triple the full cost of some of the cheaper leggings on the internet. 

And it's not just about the quality of the material. What about the colour? We all know everything can fade wash after wash, and when you're buying into something vivid, you don't want to be finding your bright red HBK Shawn Michaels leggings rocking a baby pink hue after three washes. The production team here work tirelessly with our industrial machinery to sublimation print the leggings to such a quality, fading would be virtually impossible (and as someone who was magnetised to the leggings collection because of this, I can vouch for my black dragon skin pair that are now 1.5 years old and worn on a weekly basis). 

Now let's talk licenses

This is the bit that hurts the company the most, BUT is what Wild Bangarang pride themselves on entirely. 'LICENSING THE RIGHT WAY' - our slogan, our hashtag, and our motto.
You've seen a pair of Harry Potter leggings, and you must have them. Let's talk you through what happens here to get those dream leggings to your doorstep.

To sign a huge licence such as Warner Bros., we first have to prove our worth. Countless meetings with the fantastic team at the Warner Bros. offices in London, hours of correspondence, sample provisions, and licence fees are agreed. Then comes the design stage. Using the library offered by Warner Bros., the design team work every hour possible to lift the images provided and create something so different you're left speechless at the representation of your favourite movies, characters, superstars or cartoons. But it doesn't just stop there. These designs are then submitted to the Warner Bros. approvals team, who will carefully pick over the designs and ask for any resubmissions if they feel the creations could be even more awesome and character-representative. 

You're still waiting for your Harry Potter leggings, and we know that. So we work daily with the Warner Bros. team to get these through the approval system as quickly as possible, and this can sometimes take even longer than expected. Everything from colour matches to labels, we have to ensure we are representing both Warner Bros. and ourselves to the highest level of quality. But we're desperate to get these out to you - so what next?! 

The marketing team have to tell you all about it. We conduct photoshoots, sneak peaks, emails, posts on instagram, twitter and facebook. We're too excited to share this with you guys and girls, and you need to know! But every step we make we have to ensure that we are abiding by the rules set by our licensor. So a marketing campaign is discussed and approved by the team in London also. 

In total, we are working on your Harry Potter leggings for possibly over 8 weeks before we can wrap them in some of our tissue paper, pop a goody-bag in your parcel and send them to their new home. And this is something that can cost the company - in time, wages, and licence fees. 

Now, we've done all the hard work - so what happens when someone decides to copy us? 

Take a look at this:

Just a quick search on Amazon can find an image of our Sylvanas Armour leggings, at over half the price of our licensed pair. To say that is soul-destroying for everybody in the office does not even cover the emotion. The hard work has just been copied in a heartbeat by a company that will not only steal our designs, but provide them to their customers on cheap fabric with a poor print copy.

This is a daily battle for the team here, and trying to remove these items from places such as Amazon and Wish are lengthy and time-consuming. So ordering from us or one of our listed retailers below will ensure you are provided with the best quality and a fully licensed product. 

Find us in the following stores and online:

Blizzard Entertainment EU and California
Forbidden Planet
National Gallery

or grab a slice of our action direct from our webstore

Thank-you for catching up with us, and keep your eye on our blog pages for more information on our products, licenses and team here at Wild Bangarang HQ. 

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