Enforce(r) your love for the Power Rangers

Enforce(r) your love for the Power Rangers

Gill here - I wanted to share some fantastic news with you all! As you know, Adam is a massive Power Rangers fan, and he has been delighted to be able to bring a licensed Power Rangers range to you all, this is what he had to say about it earlier this year : 

“Creating a clothing line inspired by Saban’s Power Rangers is particularly exciting as I have been a Power Rangers fan for over 20 years now. It will be fun to bring a variety of new merchandise, like shirts, leggings and skirts, to the passionate Power Rangers fan base,” said Adam Jay founder of Wild Bangarang.

Wild Bangarang was created out of a want to provide clothes that people wanted to wear, whether that is fun, fresh, or geeky. This venture was never started to make millionaires, it was to see people in awesome designs, bringing artists and clothing closer and more accessible for everyone. With that in mind, heads came together at The Cave, ideas were discussed how best to let you all know how awesome you are for being with us on this nylon journey.

Well, this is it, this is the good... not just good... this is the great news! 

The Power Ranger enforcers have a new price - they have been reduced (permanently) to £45! Anyone having bought them between 20th - 28th June will have the difference refunded (any bought before the new price is live on the website) !

As you have been here to help us grow and the product launches get bigger and better we are in a position to pass savings on to our customers. It means more of you are able to rock our wares, and the more you shout from the rooftops the better this gets!