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We like to think a Wild Bangarang experience is awesome from the second you click 'Order' through to delivery of your goodies!

However, after chatting to our wonderful customers and fans, the team at Wild Bangarang felt that as of late we weren't matching our ideal high level of awesomeness. 

So we've taken matters into our own hands - literally. Having worked with our current British supplier for over two years, we have introduced a whole new controlled production level here at Wild Bangarang Headquarters. Inclusive of an industrial high quality heat press, four seamstress stations, a lead machinist, production manager and two new materials, we're raising the game (and our high expectations).

So what changes will you see?

Our Webstore

We're sprucing up our webstore in time for our Wild Bangarang Third Birthday! With a 3rd November release date, you'll find yourself looking at a webpage that's easier to use, with more information under each item so you know you're getting exactly what it says on the tin.

Our Customer Service Team

As of mid September, if you have any problems or queries, you'll be talking to Adam or Liz. They'll be on hand throughout the week to drop you answers to your questions as quickly as possible. Available from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, they'll help you with any product, order or general enquiries. Want to test their response times? Drop them an email and let them know what you think of our new changes at info@wildbangarang.com !

Our Packing Department

You know there's nothing better than opening your order to see added extra goodies. We're not changing that, don't worry! In fact we've made it better. Organic, vegan edible treats, Bangarang goodies and clearly labelled handwrapped leggings will wing their way to you within three working days of your order. 

Our Production Team

Situated on the ground floor of Wild Bangarang Headquarters is our Production Team. Led by Production Manager Simone, our industrial high quality heat press will ensure your chosen design will be printed to an immaculate standard. Our lead machinist Michael will be creating your legging goodness, with attention to both sizing to match our online charts, and design line-ups. There is nothing worse than a tight waistline or mismatched pattern; and we're happy to say goodbye to both of these niggles!

Using top quality threads on our four sewing stations, Michael will be working with our two new materials. Introducing:

GLORIOUS - a silky-soft second skin, our glorious material provides a gentle fit with stretch and a beautiful sheen. 

MIGHTY - a little thicker, with a fantastic matte soft-to-touch finish, our mighty material is perfect to showcase our bright pops of colour, as well as compliment your figure with its supportive content.

We'll mention which material we'll be creating your leggings with under each product, so you'll be in-the-know at every step of your order!

Our Design Team

Led by our head designer Zsolt, our design team will be expanding rapidly within the next year. Already working with three other designers, as well as several licenses, we can't wait to see what fantastic collections Zsolt will be leading forward with his team! Inclusive of your Bangarang Box designs, fitnesswear, and licensed collections, Zsolt will be ensuring that what you log on to see on our webstore is exactly what you need to see on your legs!

Our Marketing & Retail Squad

With the growth of Wild Bangarang comes the opportunity to work with us. Whether you are looking for a wholesale or retail arrangement, or bespoke designs for your business, we now have a dedicated Marketing & Retail Squad to look after your queries. Drop us an email at info@wildbangarang.com and we'll be back with you as soon as we can!


Our changes, as instigated by you LostBoys and LostGirls, have been considered, studied and arranged over long hours, hard work and many meetings; yes, we even broke the coffee machine! What you say to us, we listen to. And we can't wait to bring you a slice of our brand new Bangarang Pie! As a treat for updating yourself on our changes, grab yourself a cheeky 15% over all of our collections between September 12th and October 31st using code CHANGE15. Enjoy! 



Owner & CEO - Adam Jay
Owner & Financial Director -
David Pearson
Lead Designer -
Zsolt Kosa
Production Manager -
Simone Wells
Operations & Marketing Manager -
Liz Rowe
Packing Team -
Evelin Kovari
Machinist -
Michael Cruttenden


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