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Gemma's Fitness Blog with Wild Bangarang Fitness - Week 2

Gemma's Fitness Blog with Wild Bangarang Fitness - Week 2

"This week was fun although slightly easier as my personal training was cancelled so I tried working harder at bootcamp to make up for it which resulted in tearing my old leggings; I'm looking forward to my new outfit arriving next week from Wild Bangarang! I have rescheduled it for next week on a different date so will be working twice as hard with two sessions as I'm training to pass a bleep test which I have to do in a couple of weeks (and I'm getting nervous now!)

It was also pancake day last week so I treated myself as it's only one day a year, and it was amazing! I find if you are too strict with yourself it's a lot easier to end up falling into the trap of having a bad day and not recovering from it, which is why a lot of people's New Years resolutions fall through by the time it's March.

I find if you work hard you are allowed a treat here and there, and if you have a bad day that's also fine!"

Blog written by Gemma Georgina for Wild Bangarang FIT
Gemma is undertaking her weight loss program with Fit4Life; @Fit4LifeUK 

Photos: Gemma Georgina

Follow Gem's story: #wbarFITgemsstory

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