Gemma's Fitness Blog with Wild Bangarang Fitness - Week 3

Gemma's Fitness Blog with Wild Bangarang Fitness - Week 3

"I basically got into fitness for a different reason compared to most. 
I am trying to pass a fitness test that has a beep test. I did it last year but failed, I had to get 5.4 but only managed 4.8 and that was because I was actually pregnant with my 2nd daughter.
So as soon as I was signed off from the Dr after having my little girl I looked into getting fit again so that I could retake the test. I was recommended to try bootcamp with Fit4life by a friend and the first session was free to try so I thought why not? And you know what I loved it!

Then I found out the guys who run it actually offered personal training too so I took them up on it and began to do interval training between 20m posts.

Not only have I become healthier and fitter since starting 9 weeks ago, but I have lost weight and my clothes have become loose so it's been a double win.
I have my beep test next Saturday so I shall let you know all know if my progress has paid off. Fingers crossed I'll be celebrating instead of crying. 

I've also lost 2lb this week by eating healthier combined with the fitness classes and training too!"

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Fit4Life supports Gemma in her weight loss programme