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'I started my training back in the first week of January. My goal was to pass the bleep test of 5.4 for a new career change.
I do bootcamp three times a week and boxercise once a week.
I had 3 months to get fit enough before having to retake my test (I failed it last year and only got to 4.8 as I was pregnant and didn't realise, and I hadn't trained enough for it). So I also took up a personal training session once a week.

Well I had my test on Saturday. I ate well the night before (complex carbs) and had some granola for breakfast a few hours before the test. Not only did I pass... with flying colours! But I found it EASY. On my mock test I hit 6.2 without really trying, and when I did the actual test I could still talk easily between myself and the test examiner. I worked hard, and I hit my goals with ease! So naturally I celebrated with some dominos pizza as a reward (because it's amazing) and now I've changed my goals to lose more weight (my target is 10 stone) and to get stronger/fitter with my body (abs and arms especially).

You can do anything if you put your mind to it, all you need is to take that small step to start your journey. To make my ongoing journey that little bit better, my Wild Bangarang Fitness leggings and crop top arrived this week! Bring on my next gym session!'

Photos: Gemma Georgina, Fit4Life

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    This has made my day. I wish all postgnis were this good.

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