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'This week has been amazing! For the first time in years I managed to comfortably fit into size 12 jeans and leggings! I am absolutely over the moon with my progress!

After speaking to one of the personal trainers from Fit4life i now am going to focus on working harder to help lose my mum tum, which i know with hard work will go eventually, but it's still about fat burning and toning.

Did you know it's a myth that ab work like crunches and other ab specific exercises DON'T actually help to improve losing fat around this area? Because I didn't! But actually it explains why all these ab work exercise plans never actually sort the problem.

The thing that is most surprising in working to rid that area is weight lifting! Yes you read that right! Doing weight lifting cardio workouts will burn the fat areas and tone the muscle out helping to sort out problem areas, so that's what I shall start doing when I invest in some kettle bells. I do have some dumb bells that I shall be using these next few weeks though.

I was worried I'd become more masculine doing weight lifting, but it actually helps to improve your natural feminine body. Celebs and famous athletes work out this way all the time, like Jessica Ennis for example.
Wish me luck 💪🏻'

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    THX that’s a great anewsr!

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