Gemma's Fitness Blog with Wild Bangarang Fitness - Week 9

Gemma's Fitness Blog with Wild Bangarang Fitness - Week 9
"This week I've started some personal training to try and help sort out my mum tum and other problem areas. I've also changed my diet to reflect my work out schedule so no more bad carbs, eating more protein and good fats (like meat, sweet potato, nuts and eggs) and lots of veggies. I'm going to start eating 4 small meals a day but from cutting out bread and pasta alone I've already lost 4lb this week (wahoo!)
I have also started a new fitness class this week which is based inside a children's soft play area! And it's brilliant! If anyone lives in Essex drop me a message and I'll give you details for it as it's something you absolutely need to try.
I was sweating by the end of it and I only ran around it 5 times! 
Lastly I've also treated myself to some Wild Bangarang goodies this week so I'm eagerly letterbox checking over the next couple of days and feel like a child at Christmas!
Have a great day all!"
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