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I think I can speak for many of us when I admit that I sit at home in the evening with a cup of coffee and a chocolate bar, wondering if I really should indulge in the treat or whether it's time I put down my daily snack and start to think a little healthier.

My problem is quite simple - in my tired mum-of-two mind, this seems just too much hard work. 

I'm not sure if I was nagged more by all the toned and beautiful gym bodies in the media, or the fact that I felt I didn't have the time to exercise with my daily lifestyle of working, raising children or keeping home. 

It was only when I tried a pair of Wild Bangarang fitness leggings for the first time, that I felt good about myself and my figure. The style of the leggings was flattering, the product itself a quality piece with a wider waistband and drawstring waist, thicker material and confidence-inducing design. I'm not sure I should admit that I didn't just look like a pink Power Ranger, I felt like a pink Power Ranger!

This was all the encouragement I needed when catching sight of myself in the mirror, to feel good about myself when I was both in and out of my Wild Bangarang leggings. My children absolutely adore guessing what Mummy will be dressed as next - and not only does that push me to wake up thinking FIT, it pushes me to look up new and inventive breakfast meals, healthy fruit snacks, low fat dinners, and quick ten-minute workouts as and when my schedule allows.

Whether or not we take that step one-by-one or jump in with both feet, fitness is a big part of our daily life, and we need to feel mentally, physically and emotionally ready for our day ahead. For 2017, Wild Bangarang have launched a rapidly growing fitnesswear range, labelled Wild Bangarang FIT - a range designed with you in mind. Inclusive of supportive sports crop tops, in-style multi strap crop tops, bright and bold capris, soft pastels, long length leggings, vests and hoodies, all ranging from sizes XS to 2XL, whether you are new to the world of fitness, or looking for something fresh for your current workout wardrobe, there is something for everybody at all stages of their fitness journey.

Take a look - join our world. You won't look back!



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