Introducing a new team member! Charleigh hits Wild Bangarang Fitness for 2018

Introducing a new team member! Charleigh hits Wild Bangarang Fitness for 2018
Hey Wild Bangarang followers, my name is Charleigh and I’m currently sitting in on my third week here at the Cave! I've joined the Marketing team to lead the Fitness range and pages and share some awesome adventures with you guys and girls! (If you haven’t been over the the page yet heres a link - CLICK HERE to check out our Fitness webstore, and HERE for our facebook page!) 
I have a background in sales, marketing, dispatch and customer services so anything retail related I’ve dabbled in some part of it, however so far my biggest passion is for fitness marketing & social media. Showing you guys what we’ve got coming up, whats already in our collections, and showing off our fabulous customers in our gear! It’s great getting to know all of you as well!
Outside of the cave, I train A LOT. Or at least try to, training five days a week is hard and as we all know sometimes life gets in the way and training takes a step back. However training is and will always be a major part of my life no matter where I am, how old I am or what is going on in my life. Liz and I also train at Active Cherry Pole fitness. Starting at Wild Bangarang fronting the fitness range is giving me the push to hit that daily workout again and share my journey with you. 
It must have been a good four years ago when the fitness thing all started for me and its the best decision I have ever made. In my coming blog posts, I’ll go into more about how my fitness journey started, how training helps me not only in my body but my mind, what I eat (or should be eating), future fitness plans and much more!  
I will sign off here but I can’t wait to check back in with you next week!
Charleigh x