"This week I didn't get as much time in the gym as usual...I only had one day of Pilates & one day of TRX...& I ate terribly!
But I will be back to normal next week...I also plan on fasting for 2 weeks starting Wednesday. I use a program that consists of shakes 3 times a day for 14 days...it's the Almased plan & it helps get stubborn weight off & restarts your metabolism.
I usually do this at least once a year...since I have a photo shoot in a month, I need to get rid of 10 pounds & tone up some more! I will share more next week about how my shake diet has gone, and some photos of my photoshoot!"
Follow Kelli's journey every week here at Wild Bangarang Fitness, and under the tag #wbarFITkellisstory 
By Liz Rowe


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