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"This week, I'm still fasting...I'm on day 10 & feeling great! The first 2 days are brutal, but if you can force yourself past the headache, day 3 & on is easy....boring as Hell, but easy...this week I've been super busy getting my house ready for my house guest & then it's going on the market to sell the day after she leaves, so I've only had time to do Pilates once, TRX ice & cardio & weights once...once I get the house all ready, I'll be back to my regular work out schedule. I didn't get any workout pics for you this week, sorry, but I will be sure to get some in my Wild Bangarang outfit next week!!! YAY!!!
Also, I never weigh myself...but I will get a weight at Pilates on Tuesday to see how much I lost fasting...I was weighed at my yearly female checkup & was floored when I saw how much I weighed...fingers crossed I'm back at my normal 125....I was up to 143!!!! I know I have a lot of muscle, but DAMN!!"
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    Unvbeieballe how well-written and informative this was.

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