So the question came up in the office this morning - what exactly is the difference between leggings, pants and tights?

Looking on the internet to research this and finding the amount of companies that tag up their leggings as tights, sell them as tights, and generally market their products as leggings and tights and pants, by 1030am I was so confused I decided to delve into the world of "stretchy goods that cover your legs" (safer to call them that right now). 

Reading our good friend Google, apparently leggings are thicker, footless and can sometimes be worn like trousers. Tights are somewhat sheer, cover the foot and can be worn under another garment. Then we throw pants into the mix and Google tells me that leggings are designed to be opaque, unlike most yoga pants. 

So what makes our products "leggings" and not tights?

Well, we don't have a foot attached to our pairs of lycra goodness, and with the length of our leggings suiting a height of approx 5'6'', they're not too short as some other brands can offer. Our waistband also comes up a little higher so there are no unfortunate underwear flashes or uncomfortable bulges. Our designs are matched to each size to avoid stretching the print, and as for a sheer finish, we use a top quality material to ensure support, comfort and minimal to no transparency. 

Pants, then. What's the difference between yoga pants and leggings? Apparently yoga pants are a longer, lighter weight legging and tend to be tighter and thinner than other types of workout bottoms. They can be made from cotton, jersey material and serve as a less hardy version of a pair of leggings. Most yoga pants I've noticed come up on a search as plain grey or black capri or long length trousers, whereas our brightly coloured sublimation printed designs and officially licensed artwork offers a pop of armour inspired, cosplay-ready colour which turns the head and catches the eye - just what you want for a product that represents some of the top entertainment brands in the world such as Warner Bros, Blizzard Entertainment, Hasbro and WWE to name a few. 

So, what does a pair of Wild Bangarang geek and gamer leggings offer you?

Comfort. A higher set waistband, fair leg length and soft material.

Style. Flattering designs and patterns to suit your shape, with each design resized to fit our nine sizes XXS - 3XL.

Individuality. All of our designs are exclusive, fully licensed and have been tried, tested and approved by our awesome licensors, so you won't be seen out with a pair of those horrific cheap knock-off leggings featuring a stretched and wonky Wonder Woman!

I've spent two hours researching the difference between tights, pants and leggings and I think our footless, non-sheer, spandex goodies definitely fall in the bracket of leggings - perhaps badass geek and gamer genius leggings to be precise ;-)

Until next blog,



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By Liz Rowe


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