LIFE in LOCKDOWN: Why We're Still Here & What We're Doing here at Wild Bangarang

LIFE in LOCKDOWN: Why We're Still Here & What We're Doing here at Wild Bangarang

Social media for us here at Wild Bangarang is a plethora of memes, GIFs, polls, questions and debates about one very big elephant in the room: Covid & the immense impact this has had on the world since 2019. 

We're blessed to firstly be able to drop this blog in your lap; as a small business based by the sea in the South of England, UK, we've stood firm amongst the demise of some of our biggest and beloved chain stores; the words liquidation, job cuts and closures are prevalent in our emails and news reports. 

For this, to you, THANK-YOU. For our customers' patience as we work a skeleton team to adhere to government restrictions, for the support & continued custom as we continue to plough through our awesome licenses & work on new apparel pieces for the next 12 months. 

We believe that we are still here because, exactly that - WE BELIEVE. 

1. an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof. - "his belief in extraterrestrial life"
2. trust, faith, or confidence in (someone or something).

Our existence in this climate feels like we're trying to locate and obtain all three Mother boxes in a world where so many people are striving to do the same. While we aren't focussed on a fight, we are totally focussed on providing a magical, geeky apparel experience that we feel the universe needs, in a time where events are dictating a sombre and restrictive environment. 

While the team here at Wild Bangarang divide their time between lockdown responsibilities and working like superheroes to provide you with new designs, new apparel pieces, orders, stories and colourful social media content, to say this has been an easy ride would be laughable.

Our design team has reduced by one artist, who we were sad to see leave the team after 5 years. Our fabric has been delayed on many occasions as we held out for our quality material from Italy which incurred shipping delays. Mail has grown legs and walked to the polar opposite end of the world amongst the chaos of reduced postal workers. Every hour, penny, thought, idea and creative spark counts in such a tumultuous place.
While we watch furtively for a break in this lockdown and environmental helter-skelter of a journey, it's vital that you, our biggest fans, know how important you are to us.

Your purchases are:

- Keeping the geek & gamer industry and magic alive
- Maintaining job roles for our awesome team here in-house at WB HQ
- Providing a slice of stability to the apparel industry
- Vital to supporting the cosplay, gaming, movie and nerd apparel companies that stock Wild Bangarang 
- Supporting our licensors

We can't thank you enough for standing by us and uniting with us during Covid-19. As way of thanks, we have 20% off sitewide using code TU2021 during January 2021.


You, our true Holy Grail that forever brings us happiness and eternal youth, are important, valued and appreciated here at Wild Bangarang. And while we continue into the unknown journey of Covid, we hope that you will join us with our lycra-clad bright & bold army of geeks, ready for the next level together.