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"Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people."

- Nicholas Sparks




The familiar noise of mail hitting the floor is one of excitement when we know we've treated ourselves to some new goodies online, and we like to think that excitement extends to a Wild Bangarang delivery too! 

With our clothing lovingly wrapped in tissue, packed with some free goodies as a thank-you, and a personalised delivery note, perhaps you've wondered as you open your order - who wrote on my delivery note? Who wrapped my leggings and hoodie? In fact, who designed them? And where did Wild Bangarang even come from?!


The Wild Bangarang Team 


ADAM (The Boss)

It starts with the idea - and that idea belonged to the Boss - Adam. As written in our 'About' section, Adam states "Pretty much my whole adult life I've been surrounded by girls in the industries I've worked in and until now have never really known where it was leading to. Clothing, that's where it has led to. Faithful designs to crow over with leggings & dresses that will make you want to fly!"

Adam taking a quick power nap after approving the Tribal Collection samples

Teamed with laughter, fun, copious amounts of coffee and days that have stretched into nights, Adam is taking his expanding team into Wild Bangarang's third year. With six fully licensed collections ranging from National Gallery to World of Warcraft, and another two big licenses agreed for 2017, everything is growing; the designs, the goodies, the ideas, the office; and the fun.

Even stocktaking is fun at this place!


Adam's idea needed some logic and practicality injected into the mix, and David has worked alongside Adam to ensure Wild Bangarang stays as awesome as it says on the box. With his years of financial background, David works to bring you the high quality apparel and goodies at the best price possible, making your wardrobe not only colourful but affordable. (We like David.)

David, celebrating Christmas in his Valiant Shadowman leggings

And he's not afraid to show all men how to wear our stock either; an avid CrossFitter, he fully backs the growing demand for men's fitness leggings and the benefits to a daily workout wearing our lycra beauties (if you don't believe us, check out our latest article with the CrossFit Corinthian lads).


Every boss needs a partner in crime, and our product tester Simone is just that. From modelling our latest collections for our website to testing new designs, creating our unique tees and hoodies to managing the extensive stock at the Bangarang Cave, Simone is the go-to girl who will accept nothing less than a 5 star experience for all our customers. 

Simone testing our Tribal Unity leggings after a recent photoshoot

Not only does Simone restore some order in the office, she also brings that little bit of love to your doorstep with her gift-wrapping and personalised notes. (Yes, you can thank her for those extra goodies you find in with your package!) Ever wondered who takes the time to write you a little thank-you or make sure your order reaches you safely? 

A quick break on a photoshoot - time to play with Snapchat!


You have to admit; you've received our leggings, put them on, and the first thing you've done is reach for your phone to take a snap - because they look THAT cool. We thank this man for that smile on your face - he is our in-house designer and is responsible for some of the amazing designs we stock. Fuelled by caffeine and fresh air, Zsolt has created over 130 different designs to not only match your favourite Warcraft characters, but brand new and original collections such as our Dragon Skins.

Zsolt getting his claws out at a Swedish event

Zsolt also works alongside customers to design their own unique and original leggings and fitnesswear as part of our 2017 Bespoke Club Collection range. With several companies, groups, clubs and fitness centres in discussion to place their logos and slogans onto their own compression leggings and fit tops, Zsolt brings business to life with his clever adaptations and designs. And with his passion for fitness, there couldn't be a better person for the job!

Zsolt - also known at the Bangarang Cave as 'The Body'


That photo on Facebook that caused you to check out the website, place the whole Legion collection in your basket and unwillingly whittle it down to a sensible few pairs? That is courtesy of our beautiful marketing manager Isana. With her years of photographic talent, stunning images and attention to detail, Isana brings to life the Wild Bangarang collection, and delivers it to you through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Isana modelling our Lost Girls beanie

The reply to your enquiry, your photo shares and those Monday-morning GIFs; Isana doesn't only introduce our goodies to you, she drops those all-exciting discounts and offers into your inbox too. With our weekly newsletters and updates, she ensures that you don't miss a single movement here at the Bangarang Cave. 

Isana having a smooch at her desk with the WB mascot, Skye


The newbie, Liz has been part of Team Bangarang for little over a month. With the growth of Wild Bangarang Fitness, Liz is a mini-clone of Isana. Bringing you fitness updates on social media, as well as photographing a variety of fitness fans in our collections; sharing blogs on fitness journeys as well as starting the Lads in Lycra campaign, Liz is on her way to proving that all you need for your workout is some self belief and a pair of our fitness leggings!

Liz, stealing Skye from Isana for a cuddle in a pair of our licensed Power Ranger compression fitness leggings 


So there you have it - Team Bangarang; the lads and ladies behind the leggings!

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