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NEW! Gemma's Fitness Blog at Wild Bangarang Fitness

Posted on 20 March 2017

We love to see your fitness adventures, and we are proud that three inspirational women are ready to share their fitness blogs with us over the coming months. 

Our first WBaR FIT blogger Gemma will be documenting her journey every week; sharing her photos and WBaR FIT Diary entries - ups and downs, struggles and successes. 
Keep up to date with Gem's blog on our Facebook and Instagram pages #wbarFITgemsstory

"Hi, I'm Gem and I'm a mum of three young children. My body has undergone a lot of changes in the last four years, and I'm ready to spend some time looking after me! I'm going to share my story with you as I start my fitness journey. This photo was taken at Christmas and has given me the push to make a change.

I love Wednesdays, as this evening I'll be doing Boxercise. It's great as it combats fitness with boxing and its a great aid to relieving stress. 

For breakfast today I had a cereal bar as I'll be burning a lot of carbs later, and for lunch I had a sandwich thin with two slices of cheese and tomatoes in with some salt and pepper to flavour. I also had a muller light yogurt. 

I've never been great for snacking so instead I replace it with a drink of water but do really need to start sorting little portions of nuts and fruit to snack on to help boost my metabolism, however with being a mum to 3 young kids this is easier said than done.  

I also don't technically diet, but instead try and eat healthier and allow myself to have some treats. I generally eat what I want but do smaller portions and replace with healthier options like wholemeal pasta, or use herbs and spices instead of sauces due to sugar content.

This week I've been pushing myself in class by mastering the art of planking. I'm not going to lie - I ache! I feel such a beginner. But I'm losing weight and feeling good for it. I'm determined to keep at this."

Photos: Gemma Georgina, Fit 4 Life

Follow Gemma every Wednesday here, and hashtagged under #wbarFITgemsstory

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  • Stevie: May 21, 2017

    Thanks for the instihg. It brings light into the dark!

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