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NEW! Kelli's Fitness Blog at Wild Bangarang Fitness

Posted on 20 March 2017

Kelli is based in Texas, USA, and has been an avid workout fan for years.

She is a proud mum and grandma, and is currently looking to work towards her summer body for a Photoshoot. Here is her first week's blog instalment to explain her story plans for her latest fitness program.

'I gotta get in shape for a Babydoll Sucker Punch photoshoot...I've for about ten pounds to lose - back at Cardio on the elliptical and weights at least 4 times a week, plus I'd do Pilates once a week & TRX once a week, sometimes more if I can fit it in.

I get my cardio and weights in at Gold's Gym and get my Pilates and TRX at 2 other studios - I usually work out Monday through Saturday and take Sunday off for rest!

Here is my NOW and GOAL photo - I don't have a weight, since I refuse to ever weigh myself. I have more muscle than other women my size and I'd always weighed more, so seeing a higher weight is discouraging....I go by how I look and how my clothes fit, and stay away from the scales!'

Follow Kelli's story here every Monday, and her hashtag #wbarFITkellisstory

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  • Chamomile: May 21, 2017

    Inngilleetce and simplicity – easy to understand how you think.

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