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Tonight's lesson crept around far too quick, and as I stood in the doorway at Active Cherry, Eastbourne and Sophie breezed through the door, she said 'Thursday again! Can you believe it?!', and I really couldn't.

It was indeed Thursday evening again, 6pm class was about to start, and there I was positively shattered. My mind wakes when my children do; usually about 5.30am. By the time I have painted over the lack of sleep with my favourite foundation and dabbed mammoth amounts of concealer under my eyes, my brain is that of an energy-filled puppy; desperate to get going and see what the day at work has instore. By the time I park the car in the carpark a good 45 minutes later, I've already created a million tasks I have to complete before 11am and my little brain-minions are having tiny yellow meltdowns as I try to fathom out a priority list.

Today, the coffee wasn't doing its usual magical witchcraft, and it wasn't just me. Zsolt was having a 'Friday', Adam had a non-alcoholic hangover from his 500 mile business drive the day before, and Simone had been awake half the night with a poorly child, so none of us were feeling the Bangarang as much as per usual. 

The lack of energy progressed into the early evening as I sluggishly drove myself away from work, ticking just over half of what I'd wanted to achieve. Even the 12A bus was on a go-slow, creeping up the hill over the Seven Sisters at 5mph. My head had been pounding for a good nine hours by this point, and it was the cause for my blog this week; Not Tonight, I Have a Headache.

Lauren (G.I Pain) was leading the lesson this week, and started with a thorough stretch warm-up. Oh, it ached. My legs felt like they would snap if I tried to stretch any further, and my head was close to exploding. As she explained to us our first spins and moves, I could feel the energy I had reserved for my hour of pole fitness leave my body like the battery in a teenager's Xbox controller - first go and I was in dire need of hooking up with a USB cable. Michelle whispered 'I feel pizza'd up!' and I couldn't agree more; I felt like a big doughy useless slice of badness wrapped in cheese. 

Lauren, a teacher by day and by evening, must've sensed I needed a little push tonight. She was the paracetamol to my headache. 'YES, Liz!' she shouted, as I (somehow) pulled off one of the spins. Tiff was my buddy this week, and her moves were effortless and graceful. Mine, however, were not up to scratch. But instead of hating on myself and my frustration building, I just accepted that this week, my energy was low, I was feeling a little foggy, and whatever I managed was an achievement. This has been by far the biggest lesson I've learnt since joining Active Cherry - to allow myself good weeks, and better weeks, but never bad weeks. There has been no lesson I've walked from where I haven't achieved something new, never leaving the class without another box ticked.


Lauren helping me with this week's moves - her patience was commendable


Today, the nasty splits up the pole move surfaced its ugly little head. I'd seen countless pole buddies posting photos of their attempts, and laughed at the thought of managing that myself. But there she was, Lauren, ready to support me. I'd just like to take this moment to say, my first blog piece on Lauren was to moan that she made me do 'arm stuff' and I almost died. This time? I was excited; she plants challenges in my head that stay so fresh I'm on my pole at home to practice before my bags hit the floor. 

The beauty of working with Lauren is that she seems to thrive from seeing someone go from zero to fifty. Not always the full hundred; fifty, thirty, even ten, whatever progress you make Lauren there looking mightily proud that one of her brood is owning their thing in some shape or form. She makes you want to push yourself harder, just so she shouts 'YES! Perfect!' your way. As she talked me through where feet and hands needed to be, there was my new pole move for the week; complete with headache and lack of energy, there it was in all its glory. 


Lauren working her magic with me; another move I never thought I'd be able to do!


It ends my blog this week; zero energy, an empty battery, a little under the weather - this may not be an ideal way to walk into a pole class, but it does NOT mean you won't succeed. It means you haul that headache up the pole with you. Progression happens, whether you're on top form or at your lowest point. And when you achieve even the smallest slice of progress, it's about knowing how to throw that little piece of progression a damn good party!

Until next time,

Liz    x o x o


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