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"Pole Brat Mode Activated" - Liz's Pole Adventures

"Pole Brat Mode Activated" - Liz's Pole Adventures

I need to apologise to my pole teacher before I type any more. 

Yesterday, I decided to take it upon myself - and I'll be brutally honest this week - to be a total pole nightmare at pole class. (When I say nightmare, I mean slightly pouty, refusing to attempt moves, grumbling when it didn't go to plan, and standing there watching everyone else with my arms crossed.)

So, to recap, I've covered the lesson where I couldn't but I did, the lesson where I achieved more than I could ever imagine, the lesson I fell in love with my abilities, and the lesson after a bad day. I haven't covered the lesson where the subject - me - is a total and utter pain in the butt. 

No amounts of coffee cut out my stress-head this week! For your own awesome WB coffee mug, check out our lifestyle bits by clicking HERE


Yep, here comes all my honesty in a blog - I did not want to do it this week. Andi was not paid enough to put up with my pulled faces and raised eyebrows, but she knew how to handle this little strop; she stood there measuring up to my shoulder, and told me what I was going to do. Usually I'd smile sweetly and give it a go; this week I told her 'nope, I'm not doing it!'. And I didn't really do it, either. 

My problem this week was yet again, I had slipped back into my old ways of believing my faults and pushing them into my workout session. I believed I had no arm strength to achieve a flag into a brass monkey. Instead of standing there feeling small, I stood there feeling like a defiant teenager refusing to clean their room. 'Go check on someone else!' I told Andi, my petulance really not endearing myself to the most patient teacher known to man. No, of course she wouldn't do that - she was good watching me do this brass monkey disaster with my insufficient arm strength and total lack of enthusiasm.

Getting me up the pole with minimum assistance wasn't the problem. Hauling my insolent attitude with my legs, however, was. I could hear my brain saying 'but I wanted to do brass monkey from a climb!'. I could actually measure the tone of my voice levelling that of the little girl who wanted a golden egg in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. 

I'd like to point out before you judge me, that this is not in my nature in the slightest to have a little paddy. My patience for myself and others is usually never-ending, but whatever had riled me up into my little childish manner had successfully transitioned into pole class, and what were supposed to be beautiful moves looked awkward and rushed. 

This was supposed to be delicate and beautiful, like a ballerina. I resembled an awkward monkey! But it was attitude that let me down this week... (for my Origins lilac top click HERE)

I worked this week with the most wonderful woman Paula - an older woman with the immense ability to do the splits like it was as easy as making a cup of tea. When I told her I couldn't do it, her face said it all - she was furiously trying to think of something to say or another way for me to try the move that I just plain didn't want to do.

I'd inverted about fifteen times before the paddy came to the surface. It was probably just hormones mixed with missing skin from the backs of my knees, and the fact that I wasn't sticking to the pole despite bathing in iTac. Obviously, I have to give full credit to Andi for putting up with my sourpuss face this week; she made me complete all the moves in class somehow. Whether I'm saying I can't, or I won't, or I want to but I'm not getting it right, it doesn't matter what mood we are all in, this woman just manipulates our mood to fit the criteria of the move, and coerces us into it using her calm and authoritative voice.

I don't want to wax lyrical about one person, because pole class is about the team, all the Cherries at Active Cherry working together. But this teacher, she's just extraordinary. How she puts up with all the different faces and moods and personalities each week, day in day out, and there she is smiling away, and there I am, doing what I'm told and silently enjoying it despite throwing my Dry Hands out the pram.

By the time stretching had come, I had decided upon retiring my little strop and realising perhaps I needed to take home the flag into brass monkey move and practice on my pole in my lounge. Not everything needs to be done today, I told myself. Not everything will happen just like that! Impatience was my enemy this evening, I'd ruined my attempts by rushing and cursing myself, and I'd done the one thing you can't do - give up.

Andi told me to really pull myself into the pole. You can see her watching me in the background - she chucked me some praise after this as I was pulling like my life depended on it!


Andi said, as she casually hung around the pole like a feather on a strand of grass - there's two ways out of a move. One is to drop to the floor thinking Eek! The other is to breathe into the move and stay there and damn well make it work. This is so true, and true of life as well as the pole moves. As I drove home, it made me think - I wonder how different my day would've been if I'd not dropped to the floor 100 times in my head and had screaming fits with myself, but just stuck in there and believed in my abilities. 

One step back this week, and a slapped wrist for me - I'd lost some self belief again. But a good lesson and a little humble moment of admission that I'd earned my first pole dunce title - Pole Brat. We all have those days, and here was mine. As I try for yet another attempt at the brass monkey in my lounge, I can't help but see Andi's face and work that little bit harder to make it up to her...

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