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Spotlight On: Chanel Coppard - Liz's Pole Adventures

Spotlight On: Chanel Coppard - Liz's Pole Adventures

Every week you read about what I am up to each class; however while I sit here sore and a little bruised from last night's class, it's about time the spotlight turned to some of the amazing women that are training alongside me. This blog is focussing on Chanel, known to us as Miss Class from last week's Focus Pocus class. Working with her has been fun, and watching her progress over the short period I've been at Active Cherry has been awesome and eye-opening. Read her story below...

Spotlight On: Chanel Coppard

"Back in October 2014 when I wandered through the doors of Active Cherry I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I’d tried pole briefly elsewhere and, as I hadn’t been very good (we’re talking zero ability to hold a simple spin for longer than a second), I had low expectations. What I found, just minutes from my then home, was a new family, more confidence and what I wanted most – a challenge.

At the time, I was heavily injured because of the other sports I did during university and I was also dealing (badly) with both anxiety and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). So, I decided it was time to try and do something for me to get some balance in my life and pole was what I chose because, as anybody who doesn’t do pole or aerial sports probably thinks, it looks stunning, graceful and yes, sexy. 

I’m not kidding when I said I was awful when I started: zero grip, zero grace, pessimistic attitude and easily frustrated. These days I still have grip issues and am easily frustrated, but I make a conscious effort to not land with the grace of a baby elephant and although I moan/swear a lot I’m not actually that pessimistic with pole (or aerial hoop) anymore since every time that happens I get proved wrong sharpish – looking at you Cherries!

If I had to pick one thing I struggle most with move wise it’d be hands-only moves because I always panic about losing grip and falling to my death! Overall though, I probably struggle the most with patience as cliché as it sounds. Being the world’s most impatient person is hard so waiting for moves to ‘click’ really frustrates me. Unfortunately, however, I keep learning the hard way that certain things will happen when they’re ready too and not before; the best recent example being a move called iguana – I finally got it unaided after 18 months and it’s that that keeps me going because there’s always something to be a new challenge once you hit one target and that feeling of pure elation just cannot be beaten. It definitely makes the bruising and general terror of learning a new move worth it!


These little challenges are what keep me showing up to class week after week, even if I sucked the week before. So, when I show up to class I tell myself that I’ll manage at least one thing successfully and try everything at least once or make an improvement somewhere. That is of course once I stop staring in awe/confusion at the instructor demo and swear several times as now seems to be the routine… 

Currently I’ve lost over 20kg and feel like I have my PCOS/anxiety under more control, made new friends at both places I train (the other being GemsTone Fitness in Egham) and done things I once said I’d never do including photoshoots and a competition. I look forward to seeing where my pole journey takes me next… hopefully somewhere that improves my flexibility as well as my strength!"

Keep in touch with us at Wild Bangarang each week for a variety of fitness and fun blogs! I'll be back next week to see what adventures I can find at Active Cherry.

Know someone you'd like to place in the spotlight for a pole blog? Drop me an email!!

Until next time!


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