"Testing Positive!" - Liz's Pole Adventures

I'm not going to lie to you all now, every week I've moaned about something during pole class. From being hot to not sticking to losing grip to burning to aching to frustration...you name it.

And it's not just me - I think most pole fitness fans will say the same - how many lessons have you completed without thinking just a little negatively as your teacher explains some complex combination and you were lost at 'So we start here...'?

Here I am, sat waiting for this week's class. I can see Michelle finishing her hour of practice, her 6 inch platform heels looking as lethal as she does as she inverts, again and again. Michelle has become a solid pole friend, with a chat over coffee the previous day helping me to get a grip with my trail of thought as I prepare for the next hour of pole progress. We had spent a fair amount of our chat discussing our inverts, and the struggle. She'd told me two things that stuck in my mind - one being 'take ten minutes out each day to work on whatever you need to, and it will come. Eventually it will happen.' 

The other thing Michelle told me was about a positive-thinking coach, who she'd learned from and who has taught his followers to finish all sentences with '...and I love it!' I had to chuckle as I had a good moan to her and she made me finish each grumble with '...and I love it!'. Watching Michelle hitting these inverts one after another, the pain on her face, reminded me that this lesson was going to be MOAN-FREE...and yes, I was going to damn well LOVE IT.

So, not a moan left my lips this week. Every challenge set, I took on silently and with determination. And what a difference this made to my class! Not once did I let my brain tell my body that I couldn't do a single task set by Andi. Not once did I let myself question if I could bend my body. I was well aware that Andi would tell me if I wasn't hitting the target, so for once I let go and decided I'd be owning my thing this week, in whichever shape that came in. 


Working with Andi to achieve the combinations set this week! I'm wearing our Origins crop top which you can check out by clicking HERE <--

 Okay, so I may have accidentally kicked Michelle during my flamboyant attempt at freeing the inner-grump... But boy, did the difference in my attitude make a difference to my effort. Working with both Michelle and Sophie this week, I'm not sure if I left the class with my instant abs from pole exercise or the sheer amount of laughing we did together. As Andi helped me down from a leg-swap-combination, I sat on the mat laughing to myself - and wondering how I'd wasted so many weeks not letting my newfound Pole-Positive self out of her shell. 

Thanks to Michelle for capturing that moment I realised I'd been seeing myself out of so many positive moments during my pole journey. Andi was there, as always, with every one of her students, praising and clapping them on. She's a legend, by the way.

I finished this lesson thinking, and believing, that I loved every single minute. The girls (and Seskin), the music (Vengaboys did boost the mood I won't lie) and Andi doing her Pole Witch thing. As I walked out, a little line of sweat on my forehead and hard ridges of skin on my inner hands, Andi called out after me 'Bye Liz!' 'Bye Andi!' I replied. 'I'll see you next week!' (Truth is, I will probably be seeing Andi for every single week for the rest of my life.) 


And when I reached home, I cooked dinner for my husband. I finished the laundry. I deleted a bunch of people on Facebook who brought negativity to my life and I left group chats that weren't positively led. I messaged my mum and dad to let them know I loved them. I spent ten more minutes playing with my kids at bathtime, and spent another hour working on some Wild Bangarang goodness. Whether it was the pep talk from Michelle, something this week had clicked.

I'd been tested - and my results had come back: POSITIVE.


Little extra post-lesson blog note. Remember that nemesis move, the Jade, that I wrote about a few weeks back? Something in this new positive me decided that I could achieve this at home, so I gave it a shot. Here's a photo of my attempt. 

For those who may have read to the bottom of my blog this week - here's proof that a little positivity can make huge changes. To your effort, your mindset and your goals!


Until next week!



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