"The Break, The Ache, The Give & The Take." - Liz's Pole Adventures

Whether I'd been too ill or working late, pole class had taken a back seat for a couple of weeks this month, and boy did I feel it.
The sporadic visits to Active Cherry, Eastbourne (instead of my usual weekly trip) was just not feeding my addiction to pole fitness, and I couldn't be happier to hit the class this week albeit with little energy after the dreaded winter sickness bug. With a smaller class of just five, I was by myself on a pole that had been left on spin - and I asked if it could stay on spin for the lesson. I missed the madness of trying to achieve a move moving both up and sideways, and I couldn't be more renewed about the class when Andi nodded my request.
My desire to achieve has not slipped in the time since I last wrote a blog, but my spare time to practise and dedicate myself to my love of pole has. Wild Bangarang has just exploded tenfold, and my priorities have shifted somewhat away from a steadfast goal to achieve at my fitness, and more to a survival technique fuelled with coffee and Boost bars.
But as I fiddled with the spin pole, the memories of determination and achievement started to seep back in, and I found a little refreshed energy from somewhere to hit this lesson square on. 
Andi was her usual amazing self; patiently performing the moves one by one for us to concentrate on learning. Most weeks we will cover a move that we have learned previous, and this week our cheeky horizontal and vertical split-style move made a re-appearance.

One of my first attempts at the splits. I couldn't quite get my leg to lie vertical on the pole so I opted for the horizontal attempt! As always, I'm wearing our Galaxy Shorts (lifesavers and modesty protectors) and the Origins lilac crop!

I have absolutely no clue why I felt in my element this week, all things considered. I was well aware that I was a hot, sticky and overtired mess, my toes were not pointed and my inverts were half-jumped. I never want to lose my 'training' mode, I don't want to be pretty on a pole (and it will never happen). But I wanted to feel the ache of working hard towards something, the progression of the same move over and over each week, and the slow build to a better and healthier way to exercise on the pole. 

Having Andi on hand to spot sporadically, but to be left a little more to my own devices actually aided a little more concentration in me this week - I didn't feel as watched, and I knew if I didn't have the move I'd fall and I wasn't being held by a spotter which made me stop and think carefully about what I was doing. The girls in the class always have their eye on you if you're on the pole and you are always two feet maximum away from your pole family, but the small segments of pole freedom were welcome and the personal challenges were at the forefront of my mind; I had an hour on this pole and I needed to drive myself harder than any other lesson.


The need to be stuck to the pole was high this week, but the moves kept coming!

As I pulled myself up the pole time and time again, I could start to feel my body complaining. My skin was sore, there were blisters on my hands. To be blunt, my sweat was sweating. As the others gracefully positioned themselves into the vertical split move, I knew I had to get a little closer to my goal, and it was time to pull my big-girl-pants on and nail this move without fail. One more invert, and my vertical split move was going to happen.


And it did happen! My best attempt so far at a vertical splits move!

To be proud of myself is a rarity ("I can always do better") but for the moment I sat at home watching my videos and photos back of the class and comparing them to each other week after week, it made me surmise that as with anything in life, it's all about the Give and Take. This class I gave my everything, and I took away a bucketload of pride and achievement. And there it was, in a photo moment. I could now add everything that is wrong with it, but I'm still in a little bubble of happiness that I achieved what I aimed for out of the class, and with thanks to the voice in my ear (Andi) and my pole family I felt brave enough to chase my goals and smash them (however small they may be compared to others'!).

I'll finish with a quick paragraph on the importance of a good teacher. Most pole blogs are BY teachers FOR students, and talk of the good and bad student etiquette. But do students ever write about what they want from a teacher? 

I, as a student, a tired mum-of-two with a confidence struggle and lack of energy, want my teacher to be happy. Confident. Patient. Smart. Supportive. Loving. Approachable. Funny. Appreciative. Encouraging. I don't want to worry what she says about me behind my back when I've gone home, I want to worry about listening to what she says about me to my face during class while she focusses in that moment on me and what we are trying to achieve together as a team. I feel very blessed to have found the perfect teacher in Andi, and I just want to add a huge thank-you to her for being everything above.

With huge thanks to Michelle and Sophie in the naughty corner, my pole brother Seskin, as well as all the other amazing and talented Cherries and most importantly the Boss for your support in my pole journey and blog updates!

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Until next time,

Liz x