The Lycra Lads - Why it's Okay for Men to Wear Stretchy Pants

The Lycra Lads - Why it's Okay for Men to Wear Stretchy Pants

"Chancho. When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It's for fun." - Nacho Libre, 2006

Jack Black stars in the 2006 hit Nacho Libre


It doesn't matter how much we argue the case, there has always been somewhat of a stigma attached to men and leggings. From comedy sketches to fancy dress costumes, trying to convince the world to take lads in lycra seriously is probably our biggest challenge of all time.

However with the recent fitness boom and rise in purchasing what will aid a good workout, guys are fighting back and crushing the myths that men and lycra do not belong together.

We visited the CrossFit Corinthian team in Newhaven, Sussex, with some of our Wild Bangarang Collection, and nabbed a few of their top CrossFit members to give them a try...

The lads from CrossFit Corinthian, modelling three designs from our Valiant Collection daywear leggings range


So guys, what made you choose CrossFit?

Nathan: "Normal" gyms are too quiet and there is no interaction between anybody other than coaches. At a crossfit gym, everyone is working together to make each other better. Healthy competition and brilliant camaraderie.

Old: I chose Crossfit because there is such a huge variety of workouts and movements involved which challenges me in a different way every single day. Also the atmosphere and support of others is unlike any other sport I've been involved in.

James: I stumbled into crossfit accidently. I was boxing next door to Corinthians and got dragged in there by my brother inlaw. Hesitated to go but once I did my first workout I was hooked. Mandy and the coaches along with the members were so welcoming it was easy going back day after day. The people down there are more like my family now, love being at the Box and love working hard and lifting heavy!

Aaron: I came back after traveling for 2 years and not doing a lot and wanted to join the gym. Then my mate said he came down here and it was a mixture of weights and cardio all in one go. Sounded perfect as I got bored in a conventional gym and wanted to get fit at the same time. I came down for my first session thinking it was fitter than I was… I finished the session by wind sick! Haha and since then I've never looked back!!


What are your aims from your workouts? Are you guys working towards any goals?

James: As an individual my goals are a 200kg back squat by the end of the year and a 140 clean and jerk. I think as a crossfit gym/box our goal is to qualify for strength in depth which is a group competition.

Oli: When I started Crossfit it was to just to keep fit, but after doing it for a year my goals have change from training to keep fit to training to compete.

Nathan: I'm moving to OZ in July of this year so my goal is to complete my crossfit level one course and start getting some coaching experience behind me, with the long term goal of becoming a coach myself.

Aaron: so my goals seem to change throughout the year as I find new weaknesses or achieve previous ones. I tend to have a couple of bigger goals that generally take all year to work towards. So this year is strict Handstand push ups (HSPU) and Double Unders (DUs). But I guess every session has the same goal, lift as heavy as I can, work as hard as I can and have fun.


So go on then, what part of the gym is your arch nemesis?

James: The Air Bike 😷 makes me turn green everytime.

Oli: Doing double unders, brings out the anger in everyone! 😂

Nathan: My nemisis in a movement, namely the bloody muscle up. I'm in the process of breaking it down into individual movements and testing each one as best I can. I WILL get one before I leave!

Aaron: Arch nemesis hahaha. That's Easy for me, the blasted skipping rope!! 3 years and I still can't skip probably 😂


What do you usually find yourself wearing for your workout sessions? Any favourite gear?

James: Shorts, t-shirt and Metcons(trainers). In the winter compression leggings and tops are a go to item as we don't have the luxury of heating 🔥 at the box.

Nathan: My tshirt never stays on!.. even in the winter, I like my shorts with the compression lining on the inside. My nano 6' are a must (shoes).

Oli: It depends on the weather and the workout but I normally turn up wearing trackies and a hoody but have a tshirt and shorts underneath. I don't have a particular favourite gear but usually go for the more colourful options!

Aaron: In a standard session I'll wear compression shorts or leggings with shorts and tshirt. But my favourite, at the risk of hurting everyone's eyes (or exciting some- James!) I would rather just wear my Met con trainers and leggings. That's it!!! Oh and maybe socks!!


Be honest, was this the first time you've tried leggings, and how did you find them?

Oli: Well apart from a Friday night, yes! 😛 they were very comfortable and didn't feel restrictive at all! Also the material felt nice.

Nathan: This is the first time, they felt like I wasn't even wearing anything at all.. which is exactly how I wish I could lift. Plus they look awesome.

James: Wasn't the 1st time for me or Aaron; we quite often lift in just our leggings and a tshirt. Your leggings were very comfortable, like Oli I tend to go for colourful ones. My favourite are my bright red ones.

Aaron: It was the first time I've worn non compression leggings and I was surprised how comfortable they still felt. Thought they might want to fall down or have to much movement in them but they were great!


If you haven't worn a pair before, has it changed your opinion on wearing a pair of leggings for your workouts, and do you think you'll wear our Valiant leggings again for your future workouts?

Nathan: It definitely has changed my mind and I am definitely going to be wearing them again when it comes to out in house competition coming soon!

Oli: I think I'd have to two pairs of the power ranges leggings as I know my girlfriend will steal them off of me! 😂 I would definitely wear them for future workouts, I personally would struggle to wear them in the summer months as I can over heat in workouts if I'm not careful but through the winter they would be perfect 😊

James: Would be a Laugh to get us all in the different power ranger colours. I would be up for being red ranger!

Aaron: I'd defo wear your leggings again. They were comfy and seem allow all the movement in them I need. And obviously our own Corinthian design but I do love the Power Rangers ones.


Did you as guys (with your man bits!!) feel uncomfortable initially with trying leggings? We are trying to dispel the myth that these are just for women, but it must be quite daunting when you have boy bits to worry about being on display, or feel embarrassed about closer fitting items! Was this something any of you worried about?

Nathan: I didn't feel uncomfortable at all.. in fact, when you lift with loose fitting clothing (especially the snatch movement) there is a tendency to smash yourself in the bits!!.. so the right leggings actually prevent that.. which is one of the main reasons we wear compression shorts, to avoid this situation.. sorry I couldn't work that any less crass. Also because of the length of them, it's stops you getting the rash on your quads when you do Olympic lifting..

Oli: I would agree with Nathan! I did competitive swimming for 9 years so am used to having things very tight and on show down there 😂

Aaron - 'it was great fun acting like idiots/normal and not getting told off for it'


Any designs you'd like to see on a pair of leggings?

Nathan: Superhero leggings are always a winner!.. or what about ones that look like the muscles underneath, like you have no skin on your legs!! That would be cool.

Oli: Spiderman!

James: I reckon Captain America. And Thor!

Oli: I think us guys should get together and design a guys version of the Crossfit Corinthian leggings.

Wild Bangarang Fitness: Ah, we're one step ahead of you there Oli, our designer Zsolt is on the case for you!

Oli: That sounds awesome!

Aaron: We did joke about some superman ones?? You know red pants on the outside 😁



Final question lads...can we come visit you again?!

James: Well up for you to visit us again had such fun. Would love to model the power ranger ones! Thank you again!

Nathan: Anytime!.. 🙌🙌

Aaron: Yes please come back. The photos are awesome and it was great fun acting like idiots/normal and not getting told off for it. Cheers for coming down Wild Bangarang!


Our Valiant daywear collection as modelled by the lads, along with our compression fitness range, can be found on our main page; or follow these links straight to your own muscle-defining comicbook legwear!