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The National Gallery Leggings Collection

The National Gallery Leggings Collection

A number of months ago the Team at Wild Bangarang were sitting round the cave table wondering what License to do next as we wanted to create some never seen before UK leggings. That same day an email dropped into my inbox from the National Gallery in London wanting to work with us to create leggings & dresses based on their masterpiece paintings. Our response was a train ride to London and a meeting in the Gallery cafe :) This was an exciting prospect as we hadn't thought about using old paintings on our leggings before and to be contacted by such a prestigious establishment as the National Gallery it surely was something we wanted to get our teeth into.


After the meeting both parties realised we were a great match and the challenge was on to decide which masterpieces we would choose first for our unique leggings. After a few messages we decided on :

Now we had the challenge of making these work on the printed leggings, because it's a licensed piece we couldn't just crop or add to it but only use the actual image itself. Luckily, we have our lead designer Zsolt who managed to work with the images and place them correctly.

At Wild Bangarang we pride ourselves on acquiring a licence and not just creating and selling obvious art/characters etc without one.

Roll on a few months and we are at launch day with the 3 leggings available in the Wild Bangarang store. Not only that but they will also be available in the National Gallery shop in London.

What happens next? We most certainly want to try this current designs in a dress pattern plus also look ahead to creating 3 more different designs to add to the collection. Which of the National Gallery paintings would you like to see on a pair of Wild Bangarang leggings?







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