"There’s nothing wrong with being Will Riker" - Adam

From the age of 10 I’ve always liked being second in command, to know that the buck didn’t stop with me but to have that last line of defence behind me just incase it was needed.  This was to become ever apparent when I played football from the age of 8 to 18. I wasn’t the quickest by far, and to be honest I was most probably the slowest in the team but with a crunching tackle and the longest throw I had my strong points, however playing as central defender I was frighteningly aware that if someone got past me I wouldn’t have a hope in catching them. The games where Justin Coote played sweeper I would say were my better games, purely because I was safe in the knowledge that had someone got past me then he was there to mop up. Knowing that I had a safety net didn’t make me a weak player, it made me a stronger one, leaving me to concentrate on my plus points of the game and not the negatives, the pace.
As I got older it became more apparent that I felt more comfortable as a Will Riker and not a Jean-Luc Picard, to be that second in command ( some would argue Will is first in command ) a phrase I would roll out until this very day.
When I started Wild Bangarang I had to become that Jean-Luc Picard, to build up a company from nothing to where we are today, a manufacturing outfit creating licensed garments that are sold online and around the world. Stepping out of my comfort zone and building a team around me, some with vastly more experience in the areas that I was working in and others who would support me as a Captain. However, there comes a time ( and especially after the past 12 months and Covid ) you have to reassess and do what’s best not only for the business but what is best for you as an individual to get you back on track, restart the passion and engage, so that’s what we have done.
My name is Adam and I’m proud to say I am Will Riker, that second in command who can take orders but can also bring a lot of knowledge, passion and creativity to a brand that fully deserves the best of me. My colleague Liz now will sit in the Captain’s chair, run the company with the best support she could ever ask for, me, and when it’s time for me to sit in the Captain’s chair again, we’ll make it so.