We're Still Here! Our COVID-19 UPDATE...

We're Still Here! Our COVID-19 UPDATE...
We are following government rules and regs, and right now we're all still allowed to attend the workplace. As we live in the marvellous Cave most of the week, the family is sticking it together and enjoying good choons, chocolate and our usual geeky awesomeness. We are still here!
Nobody is stepping into the workplace if they so much as sneeze, and everybody has been prepped to self isolate if needs be. This could potentially knock the team here as we do everything in-house from designing to production, so please bear with us if we have to cover missing Bangarang team members.
We are superheroes here, and many of the team are multi-skilled. Our dispatch manager Suzy can sew like a star, Liz can giftwrap as if it's Christmas and Adam loves to jump on our social media! If one of us is missing, we cover them.
There may be a small delay to your package as we potentially battle team illnesses, material shortages, and all the other carnage that COVID-19 is leaving in its trail. However please know we are doing everything we can to keep these to a total minimum and will keep you updated through email and social media posts if this will be a lengthy delay or issue!
Our products and materials are of a top quality and we maintain clean, hygienic work areas. Our apparel is made to order and dispatched in a timely fashion, and stored carefully in a sealed compartment. We are using all safety precautions such as gloves/facemasks when handling products. Please rest assured you can shop with us in total safety!
We are still so excited to roll out brand new collections, designs and products. Nothing is bringing us down! No matter what, we will bend over backwards to reach you with the best geek and gamer apparel on the market.
We know it's a stressful time and you're split in between living normally and watching your pennies, so we are treating you to a FREE SHIPPING code - use KEEPSMILING2020 and we will cover your postage.
While you self isolate and we all hop onto a Lockdown around the world, remember - we can still have fun! Tag us up in your chill times, home schooling, lounge days and isolation sessions in our gear and we'll give it a share. Keep our timeline cheerful! #wildbangarang