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Bad days - we all have 'em. Whether one thing goes awry, or a multitude of disasters are lined up, sometimes we can do nothing but write those days away and pray for a better beginning to the next.

As I threw myself out the car for the next pole class, caught in traffic was the latest addition to my 'Bad Day'. I never have a bad day working at Wild Bangarang, but I was not playing ball today with an afternoon nap pulling at the edge of my work schedule and the need for caffeine forever increasing as I focussed on our Fitnesswear range. 

Into the classroom I shot, and prepared promptly for the lesson to begin. Our teacher Andi was nowhere to be seen, but instead one of the girls who had been in previous classes was there and her warm-up consisted of jumps and marches and arm swings mixed with shouts of encouragement and the biggest smile I have seen on a human face. I wasn't sure what her strength in teaching was, but I was about to find out - and it correlated superbly with my bad day.

Yep, that's right - she was an expert in all things to do with arm strength. For those of you who know me, my strength is all in the thighs when it comes to pole, and my arms are about as supportive as two cocktail sticks soaked in water. 

I think I ruled this lesson out before we started, as I paired up with Michelle - the bubbly lady who helped me so kindly achieve my Jade the week prior. "I'm so sorry I'm useless at this," I muttered as the teacher contorted herself into positions held on purely by her pinky finger. "Don't apologise, she started somewhere!" Michelle replied with a grin. (This woman knows what to say, and I couldn't be more grateful when I am paired with her.)

An hour of this? My bad day was getting worse, and quickly. I'm going to show myself up to be a right royal weakling at this rate, my flexibility taking a knock since I last gave birth, and my desire to hang my post-donut weight from my spindly little twiglet arms virtually non-existent. I started to feel the guilt that I'd munched through three apple and blackcurrant donuts earlier before Lyra had hit the office (Adam's request - don't let Lyra see the donuts! Ok - challenge accepted!), as I tried to lift myself from the floor. 

Concentrating on lifting those feet from the floor


My arms were burning by this point. Little bits of skin left the palms of my hand. Hello, Bad Day, please do extend yourself into my pole lesson, my head was cursing. Could this get any more defeating? 

Michelle; her patience was commendable. "Hand here, foot there!" I have to admit I lost concentration. I couldn't remember the sequences, where I was supposed to be holding. Somebody had taken a drymarker eraser and wiped my notes from the inside of my brain. This wasn't working - I wanted to go home. 

"And again! Cmon!" Michelle is a professional photographer; her hands were wrapped around my phone ready to capture a moment I really didn't believe was going to happen. But concentration bred success, and for the first time my arms didn't let me down. By far not an achievement to some, but to me after seven years of suffering from M.E as a teenager, this was a pat-on-the-back moment and a nod to the 'old me'. 

Pulling myself up from the floor

Getting those legs as far from the floor as I could


I'd found enough energy from my Bad Day to end it as a Good Day - I'd managed another move that I had ruled out as impossible, and this teacher had successfully transformed me into a human Stretch Armstrong, but that was just it - I felt my Arms were Strong. My body was tingling, and as the teacher's voice rang out over the hubbub in the class, "Well DONE Liz, awesome!", I held the move for a moment and plopped my donut-shaped self back to the mat with a small I-Did-It glow of satisfaction at my tiny improvement. 

Not every class is upside-down. Not every class do we get to focus on what we think we look good doing, or what we are good at. Every class is a challenge, there will be a move sneaked in that opposes everybody's strengths. But every class so far for me has turned can't's to will's, no's to yes's, and bad days to good days. The magic of Active Cherry had struck again - in an awesomely simplistic and beautiful little way. 

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Until next week, 



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