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Hey Wild Bangarang blog followers, Charleigh here again.
This afternoon I've been on a little adventure downstairs into the production team. Suzy the production manager asked me if I'd like to have a go at some of the processes that go on downstairs, me being me I said yes thinking that it was a good idea to learn another part of this awesome company.
Firstly she started by showing me cutting, which involves layering the fabric up into sheets of 15 and placing the correct template on the correct side. (Which I haven't quite mastered yet, however all about the learning process). Once you've done this you then cut the fabric as close as you can to the cardboard template, around the leg seems, cuffs and the waist BOOM you have cut the material out for a leg then you have to get the other template and cut the other legs out to match the ones your just done
Then she said would I like to have a go at sewing. Now I had to have a little chuckle to myself about this because time and time again my beautiful mum has tried to get me to sew and time and time again I failed with hand sewing and machine sewing. So for a laugh I thought "Yeah, lets have a go at this". 
She started me off on a sewing machine on the front seem, (where I think a tortoise would walk faster then I sewed at this point, and they are pretty speedy once they get going). Over to the back seem and then to the longest thing I've ever sewn in my life all the way up the inside leg then we popped the waist band in. I was pretty impressed with myself already at this point then she said about having ago at the cover stitch machine which is used for the cuffs and the waist band. This is a little more technical then a simple sewing machine as you have to sew, pull the material in two directions at the same time and still make sure your hitting the marker lines. Suz took the time to show me on another pair of leggings then let me loose on the ones that I had started. 
I managed to complete the leggings before either Adam or Liz noticed that I was sewing downstairs. Suz thought we should play a little trick on them to see if they could tell if anything was wrong on them. Both of them were impressed that I'd managed to get them as good as I had.😃👌🏻 All in all my first pair took me 25 minutes. 😮 Now that might seem like a long old time but for a first attempt I'm pretty chuffed with myself. Check out the photo below to see Suzy, myself and the pair of XL HBKs I managed to sew together!😍 
Until next time you lovely bunch. 
(Please note: do not panic these are not coming out to anyone as a customer order)😅😂


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