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A couple of months ago the team at Wild Bangarang decided to take the plunge and equip ourselves with a Dye Sub Printer and Heat Press so we can produce t-shirts, hoodies, bags etc to add to our collections of leggings and dresses.

A visit to I-Sub up in Kettering and a day of sampling and comparing a Dye Sub printer and a DTG one, followed up with a couple of days training at the cave (we went the Dye Sub route) and we were good to go. 

Being able to design and create t-shirts and hoodies at the cave is absolutely fantastic as we can do all that within an hour, take some images and we are good to go on sale.

Wild Bangarang T-Shirts

At present we have 15 different t-shirts up on the website with a combination of colours, logs and graphics as seen below (click image to go to t-shirt page)

Wild Bangarang T-Shirts

As we are now approaching the Autumn it's time to crack out the longer sleeves and look at creating some hoodies & sweatshirts maybe with just our logo on to start with. The great thing about the Dye Sub printer is that we can also do bags (has to have a good polyester mix) be that a tote or a messenger for example.  I know myself, David and Zsolt will be rocking a messenger bag for Blizzcon & DreamHack :) as soon as we get one made up we'll make sure to get it up on our social media channels, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Wild Bangarang Logo Hoodie

Maybe it's too early to mention but hey Christmas is around the corner (we'll nearly!) and there are loads of possibilities to what we can do with some cool festive designs.

Let us know what kind of t-shirt or hoodie you would like to see from us plus we can also do custom orders just for you :)


  • Posted on by Beatrice Cloake

    UK artists have been waiting ages for a UK firm starting making these products.
    I am selling mine from Redbubble and Vida.
    This means they are sold in US but people from UK have to pay a huge import tax.

    Are you going to take artists from UK on board?

    What you are doing is terribly exciting. I saw you on TV last night.

    You can see what I am selling through the two sites
    At beatricecloakeboutique.com my main site is beatricecloake.com

    Whatever the direction of your business, I wish you all the very best


  • Posted on by Sean Page

    Amazing tshirts and I can’t wait for the hoodie…loving the fact you are doing more mens items….makes me very happy as I love representing wildbangarang xxx

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