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"Imagine your life without wrestling. Now slap yourself, and never do it again."

If you ever visit the Wild Bangarang Cave, you'll most likely be hit first by the giant Power Ranger at the top of the stairs, and then you'll meet our POP Wall - a sea of Funko Pop characters from Superman to Deathwing. But most triumphant of all, the 28 WWE Pops sitting proudly on the top shelf, watching over the antics of the team as we set to work on our latest designs and ranges.

We LOVE WWE here at Wild Bangarang, especially myself and Lyra. Over the past six weeks we have been overjoyed to see some of the main roster and Hall of Famers taking to social media and snapping empowering selfies wearing our Wild Bangarang leggings.

You can only begin to imagine the excitement in the office when we attended Smackdown Live on Tuesday at the O2 London, and thanks to the gorgeous Glam Squad not only were we were able to get a peek backstage, we were also blessed with being introduced to the one and only Charlotte Flair (WOOOO)!

Lyra and myself with the fantastic Glam Squad


We really need to start with Mickie James. A simple Twitter message to the WWE beauty brought a friendly reply, and from there we promised her a special Wild Bangarang Care Package full of glorious (I won't give in I won't give in till I'm victorious) leggings. A couple of weeks later, Mickie took to Instagram to share our Prismatic Dream, Infernal and Dragon Skin leggings, and our FIT sports vest - and we have to say, she made them look beyond insane! 

Mickie rocking our Wild Bangarang goodies on Instagram


Mickie looked so good, we felt it was only fair to treat the ladies behind the looks - The WWE Glam Squad. Wrestlemania was fast approaching, so we created a design for the team to wear - whizzing them stateside in time for the Orlando show, and other shows to follow. The girls seemed delighted with their latest leg-art, and even found their way to the lovely Dana Warrior for a workout session.

Dana Warrior working out in our WWE Glam Squad leggings


Wild Bangarang was then talk of the locker room, and it seems as though the girls wanted some fancy lycra legwear all to themselves. A quick little design for Alexa Bliss flew its way to her inbox, and a reply from the current champion wearing her very own design (and her trademark smile!) returned to us.

Alexa Bliss in her Wild Bangarang exclusive designed leggings just for her


We also sneaked a cheeky pair of bespoke leggings to Becky Lynch (image to follow!).

Hall of Famer Beth Copeland was next on the list, and she loved her new Wild Bangarang Power Rangers compression leggings; tagging us in several Instagram posts exercising her Dinozord powers, as well as a cute family leg shot with her little daughter in our mermaid collection. 

Beth Copeland wearing our Red Power Ranger compression fitnesswear, and a cute legshot with her daughter in our Prismatic Dream mermaid Leggings


We could not feel more proud at seeing such a group of inspiring athletes supporting our clothing collection; from all of us here at Wild Bangarang we wish everyone in front of the cameras and behind the scenes a huge thank-you for letting us be part of your lives. We hope that we can continue to create designs, and possibly in the future release an Official WWE Licensed range, but for now we couldn't ask for more than to know that each one of these heroes have a bit of Bangarang in their lives!


- Adam

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    I for one, would love to see a WWE range!!

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