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The new Pole Me is going pretty well... No negativity. No moaning. Continuous attempts. So what happens when you just can't get your body to do a move?

I've been quiet the last two weeks, mainly because I've just not felt that me and my body are talking at the moment. Like a sibling fallout, one is sulking while the other is trying to drag it along wherever it goes. Putting one foot in front of the other seems to only happen after a generous serving of caffeine, and pole class seems to have fallen behind to become a necessity. Health food was replaced with that quick sugar-snack high that ended up leaving me more sluggish than before...so what could I do to break the monotony? 

As I wandered into the new studio at Active Cherry, Eastbourne, I felt my 'fish-bowl' existence was going to follow me into the lesson this week. And I was right. While I've worked hard to combat my 'I can't do that!', I still haven't quite got to grips with my panic when I just can't get into a move, and I could feel the panic creeping back in when I was hanging upside down by my left arm, while Sophie and Michelle were standing behind me supporting me, saying 'you just twist your body!'


And herein lay my problem. I could not twist my body the way I was supposed to. Short of kicking the pole in a childish strop, it just wasn't happening for me. No matter how much I contorted, my body was not going the way Andi intended it, and as I searched my brain for what I was doing wrong, I started to apologise profusely. 'Sorry! I don't know where it's supposed to go! I don't know why I'm not twisting! I'm so sorry! And now I'm going to kick you! Sorry!'

As I turned myself back around, found my feet and faced Andi, she patted me on the leg and looked at me with her Mum eyes. 'Focus on putting your energy into the move and not apologising, ok?'

This move took me weeks to master in my mind, but this week I managed it with a smile (and the Pole Witch) !


So, I came to conclusion this week, that sometimes you really can't get your body into these moves, sometimes certain moves just don't work for you. But apologising and wasting your breath in saying sorry to someone for not being able to do something that you are just not designed to do right now, is also something that won't work for you either. 

Focussing hard on the other moves we learned during the lesson, I found myself completing some of the moves that the others couldn't grasp hold of, and it was a gentle reminder that we are all different, and we are all built to process tasks differently, to undertake those tasks differently and to sometimes what works for one just doesn't flow for the next! The beauty of team support is that someone, somewhere in the room, will be struggling the same as you. And isn't this just reflective of life?! Surrounding myself with all these amazing yet different people was a refreshing mix of 'I can do it and I'll help you' and 'it's ok if it doesn't happen, it hasn't happened for me either.' 


Andi and Sophie, both who keep me on the straight and narrow along with Michelle and the rest of the class (thanks guys!), and a move that actually came as a first-attempt success!


Earlier in the week I had asked Lyra to make me a positive thoughts box for my desk at work; a box full of positive quotes and messages she'd chosen by herself that I could pick from when I needed some guidance. She may be nine years old, but sometimes a childlike outlook when you're in an adult fog can be a refreshing wake-up call, and this morning I sat at my desk wondering what on earth I was going to call my blog this week. I reached for my box. There inside was this message, a perfect title to the blog, and a perfect reminder.


Until next time!

Liz x x x

Thanks to everyone at Active Cherry who helps me get into ridiculous positions, taking photos of my progress and being the most fantastic pole family! Keep watching for our very own Active Cherry Pole Fitness apparel selection, coming soon! If you like what I'm wearing, you can grab your own by checking out our Origins range for the crop, and watching out for our store for our brand new Galaxy shorts in the next two weeks!



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