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About The Team

 "A team is many hands and one mind."

We're into our third year here at Wild Bangarang. That's three whole years supplying you lovely people with our craziness, individuality, licensed designs, fun activewear, goodies and some of the most original and quality leggings on the market. 

So who do you have to blame for your leggings addiction? This lot. Team Bangarang. 

He starts the morning with a coffee, and creates magic for the rest of the day. 
Whether he's designing new leggings, stock checking, replying to your emails and messages, or running around making the office laugh, Adam never sits still. But then, neither does Wild Bangarang. As leader of the pack, you can thank him for your funky pins - and your new obsession with all things Bangarang.


David is the brains behind the figures, bringing your leggings through their journey with the best quality and value for money possible. With years of financial management, David has the answer to everything. And he's pretty insistent finger leggings WILL be a thing of the future.


She models, she product tests, she designs, she prints, she wraps, she posts... There is nothing Simone doesn't do. Our resident SuperWoman is the reason your packages reach you looking nothing less than perfect. From the personalised message, to the goodies in with your order, she ensures our customers are top priority - and with the extensive collection of ponies and unicorns on her work desk, we'd expect nothing less than a sparkling service.


Never out of ideas, our in-house designer Zsolt adds caffeine and Dubstep to his creative mind, and the result is immense. With over 130 designs under his belt, Zsolt never ceases to produce new and unique leggings, logos, tees and fitnesswear. From our monthly Bangarang Boxes, to Bespoke fitness orders and brand new licensed collections, Zsolt just keeps on creating, so you can keep on wowing. 


We can't show you our awesome new designs without the help of social media, and Isana is the girl who delivers our collections to your inbox and newsfeeds. From photographing models around the world in our latest gear, to creating those all-important posts and cheeky discounts, Isana can be thanked for the post on your timeline that made you add the entire Warcraft collection to the basket on payday and triumphantly click 'Buy Now'. 


Have you liked our sister social media pages, Wild Bangarang Fitness? If not, Liz will be exercising your clicking skills, as she is the lady behind the links on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook fitness pages. With our very own range of fitnesswear, Liz is determined to change the gyms of the world into caves of mermaids, robots, dragon slayers and Power Rangers, with our growing collection of compression capris, leggings, crop tops, hoodies and vests. 


Wild Bangarang wouldn't be complete without our very own mascots, and these come in the form of Lyra and Skye. The daughter of Adam and Simone, Lyra has been the brains behind some of the Bangarang Box goodies, leggings and tee ideas, and enjoys feeding the team Stinky Sock jelly beans when she gets away with it. Skye, our beautiful little Sheltie friend, is the Cave's top-end Security system - usually disabled with a treat so the delivery man can deliver our important parcels, she can usually be found under Adam's desk or snuffling for a bit of bacon sandwich.

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