The Who Behind Wild Bangarang...


Nothing beats that feeling when your brand new apparel drops on the doormat and you open your package to a tissue-wrapped product, bursting with colour and a fully-licensed representation of your geek & gamer passions. 


But how does your package begin its life when you click 'Order Now'? 


Wild Bangarang Ltd isn't a big warehouse full of students working 6am to 11pm. You might be surprised and happy to hear those behind your apparel are a headstrong, creative and nerdish bunch of geeks ranging from the CEO Adam to Zsolt & David in Design, Liz in Marketing, Suzy in Dispatch, Rob leading Boom, Simone, Emily and Michael in Production and every so often Janice (our awesome new ghost mannequin who models the new gear for the webstore). 


The Life Of Your Order


1. You've clicked, we've received an email to notify us of your purchase. We send you a friendly order notification in return, and when the doors open in the office at 9.00am, Suzy hits the button on the kettle and settles down to print your order. 
2. Tea in hand (we're British, remember!), Suzy adds your order to the Production Team Order Sheet for the day, and sends this down to our Production Manager Rob. She adds a hashtag and handwritten thank-you note to your order sheet and runs it over to our Dispatch Room. This is where the organisation is crazy-hot, with clipboards, notes, packing, tissue wrap, stickers, goodies and most of the Sharpies end up hiding.
3. Rob hits up a super-awesome playlist in the Production Area for the team as they start printing, heatpressing and sewing your order. Ensuring the colours are perfect (these are checked against the samples our licensors approve as character representation is absolutely essential), checking our licensor labels are spot-on, and ensuring top quality of all work, Rob then folds your order neatly and sends it back up to Suzy. 
4. Upstairs, Adam and Liz are working hard with another licensor to bring you even more awesome apparel. Liz is finishing the social media posts for the upcoming releases and finalising the emails that notify you new goodies are on their way. Adam is nagging Suzy for another chocolate digestive and moaning he's getting a dad bod. The kettle is brewing for the fifteenth time as Suzy whips the box from Rob and hits the Dispatch Room. 
5. Neatly folding your apparel, Suzy matches the order sheet to your new wardrobe additions and carefully handwraps your order in our tissue, sealed with a Wild Bangarang sticker. 
6. Sliding your goodies into our packaging, Suzy runs your order through our computer system and pops you an email with your tracking number so you can watch its journey. The postman rings the doorbell to the Wild Bangarang Cave and our all-important orders are collected ready to find their way around the Globe to their owners. 


What if my parcel runs away? 


We are well aware that sometimes a parcel doesn't quite reach its owner, and this upsets us immensely. The time, love, effort and care placed into the creation of your apparel pieces has disappeared into non-existence; all those extra hours the team work to ensure you guys and girls have your apparel for events, comiccons, parties, weekends or birthdays. 
This is where we nip in to try and help. We'll sit for hours welded to the telephone with our mailing providers. We will email everybody we can possibly get hold of to locate that package. And when this fails and nobody can give us answers, we start that order process all over again and get another package out to you. 
Many times, we won't see the package again and lose our hard work and apparel items. But we look after you, and we pride ourselves on our customer service, and you WILL be wearing that special piece. 


We are a super-hardworking geek family, who will regularly discuss our favourite Netflix shows, top superheroes, who's painting what from the 40k world, and what happened in last night's DnD session. We don't just work our passion, we live it, and nothing brings us more joy than to see the fire behind our vision, our artwork, our pattern designs, our prints, and our sewing jump to life through your posts, pictures, reviews and email feedback. From the team at Wild Bangarang to all our customers, LLAP!